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From the President's Desk

The Chesley Horticultural Society began 2014 with a Potluck lunch followed by an Annual Meeting with the District 8 Director Sharon Nivens present to install the 2014 executive.A summary of Club Culture features from the District 8 Fall Board Meeting focusing on Society Communication was followed up with a live internet projection viewing of the Ontario Horticultural Association website available for all horticultural clubs at of the resources available at the OHA website including society websites followed. A proposal has been put forth that each society judge their peers websites.The Society choices will be published from the OHA level.

CHS continues the objectives and achievements. In 2013 the flower bed at the Chesley Hospital, a raised bed in the Chesley Cemetary and East Town Marker were upgraded.

Chesley Horticultural Events in 2013

Speakers and Workshops were presented in 2013 at the Klages Hall in Chesley. We had Anne Bartlett from Riverwood Gardens and a slide presentation of the gardens with many lilies.

Carolyn Keeling had 2 presentations. A June demonstration for a creative arrangement which Marie Wilken won. In Oct.there was a fall centrepiece workshop

The Annual Flower Show had 272 entries with Eleanor Huffman taking Best in Show 2013. Other Judge's Choice included Karen James,Lila McKay and Rose Weir in Photography. A half hour video slideshow of members gardens followed the flowershow.The flower show prizes were awarded formally to every winner at the August Potluck Picnic

In Oct.CHS had an exhibit at the 50 plus Lifestyles Fair. A video displaying highlights from CHS events played on a laptop through the day.Members at the table handed out our postcard and event booklet. A beautiful Christmas plate donated by Betty Daniels was the table draw.

CHS took part in the tree grant supplied by OHA and a tree purchased was planted in the Klages Mill Park

A High school student applied her volunteer hours to maintaining the bridge boxes and flower beds

Several garden tours included Blossom Hills near Holland Centre and a final visit to My Heart is In it before it was sold this past fall.

The CHS Christmas Potluck was another success and Sue Laver provided Christmas music with her guitar. Door Prizes provided by Shirley Goucher and Linda Woodroffe were popular and the winners were Betty Daniels, Wanda Strickland and Krista King. Each table had a centrepiece which were part of the door prize draws.

We ended the year with 50 members. We welcome 8 new members.Our Life Members are Margaret McDonald, Wray and May Walpole. We lost two members in 2013; Yvonne Povelofskie and life member Ina Boynton

Thank you to all members for their participation in 2013. Every contribution is important; large or small.When we share ideas and tasks together; we get things done

The 2014 events list has the monthly speakers,October workshop and CHS activities.

Elaine King, President

Chesley Horticulture Society