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Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.

Meetings are held in the library at Tilbury Area Public School located on Mable Street in Tilbury.

List of meeting dates and speakers


Annual Plant Sale-Saturday, May 24th from 8am-11:30am at 29 Canal Street East, Tilbury (weather permitting)

Downtown flowerbed planting & BBQ Saturday, June 7th.  Meet at the cenotaph at 9am if you are able to volunteer in planting.

Flower, Vegetable and Fruit Show held Saturday, June 21st at the Tilbury Legion on 4 Stewart Street. 

Exhibits must be placed between 8:30am-10:00am

Public viewing 12:30-2:30pm

Everyone welcome to attend and bring in your prize entry to the show.


SECTION A-Specimens


1. Pansy, up to 5 blooms

2. Lilies, any colour, 1 stem

3. Annual, any colour, no more than 6 blooms

4. Lupins, any colour, 1 stem

5. Sweet William, any colour, 3 stems

6. Campanula, any colour, 1 stem

7. Perennial Vine, 1 bloom

8. Delphinium, any colour, 1 spike

9. Perennial or Biennial, up to 5 blooms, not listed, named

10. Hosta leaves, one cultivar, 3 leaves

11. Hosta leaves, different  cultivars, 3 leaves

12. Peony, semi-double or double, 1 bloom




13. Rose, red, single bloom

14. Rose, pink/salmon, single bloom

15. Rose, any colour, single bloom

15. Rose, yellow/orange, single bloom

17. Peace rose, yellow, pink blended, single bloom

18. Floribundas, 1spray, (more than one bloom or bud), any colour

19. Climbing rose, any colour, 1 spray


SECTION C-Plants in Pots


20. African violet, any colour, in bloom, 1 crown

21. Cactus pot, any colour, over 3” in diameter

22. Herb garden pot, not over 15”

23. Geranium, 1 plant, any colour, in bloom, pot not over 12”

24. Shamrock

25. Any type of begonia

26. Hanging basket, flowering, planted by exhibitor

27. Hanging basket, non-flowering, plant by exhibitor


SECTION D-Decorative


28. Summer Sensation-arrangement using candles or lantern, suitable for a centerpiece

29. Wet and Wild, 3 blooms floating in water, can use foliage

30. Tiny Treasures- Miniature arrangement, under 4” in any direction

31. Tea Time-Flowers arranged in a teapot

32. Country Bouquet- Roadside flower arrangement not to exceed 16” (41 cm) with foliage

33. Happy Birthday Canada-arrangement using red and white flowers


SECTION E-Fruits and Vegetables


34. Rhubarb, 3 stalks loose, leaf trimmed to 2” (5 cm)

35. Strawberries, 5, hulls attached

36. Green onions, 5 with tops trimmed to 4-6 “ (10-15 cm)

37. Leaf lettuce-3 stalks in a container of water

38. Peas-5 pods




SECTION F-Juniors 6 years and under


39. Any plant grown in a pot 

40. Petunias arranged in a decorative can

41. Vegetable character, made from vegetables, flowers, seeds, etc.

42. Squirrel’s Harvest-nuts, cones, seed pods, etc. in an egg carton


SECTION G-Youth 7-11 years


43. Roadside arrangement –using at least 3 different types of plants in a tin can

44. Floral picture on construction paper made with dried beans, seeds, etc.

45. Bouquet for the teacher

46. What am I? A creature made from cones, flowers and other plant material


SECTION H-Youth 12-16 years


47. Arrangement featuring a shoe

48. Roadside arrangement-using 5 different types of plants

49. Scrapbook page with photos of flowers, garden scenes, etc.

50. Miniature arrangement, not over 5” in any direction



Tilbury Northside Park-Memorial tree planting service held in late September or early October

November at 6:00p.m. Annual Meeting and Christmas Potluck and elections









Last Updated: 2015-04-15