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Celebrating 90 Years - Reflections on how things change
by Mimi Edmondson

Pakenham Hort's membership has varied over the years from 200 to just making up the 50 members to make the provincial grant.  Always, the diversity of the age groups and people enrich the experience.  Also, by having the executive and committee members rotate responsibilities, new concepts and ideas are experienced.  

One of the earliest things I remember about Pakenham flower shows are those members bringing in entries "to help make the show".  This willingness to contribute has made the Pakenham flower shows a joy to attend and famous in the District..

The local Hort is an easy way for a newcomer to the community to gain knowledge of what goes on in the community.  Pakenham is known for its friendliness to new faces which is much to its credit.

A strong programme for young people is so important as there comes a time when young families reach out for knowledge from the more experienced people in the Hort.  Children who had been members of Junior Hort often return to their roots.

Climate change has had an astounding impact of gardening here.  Our first garden in 1976 found planting dates two weeks later than had been our custom in the city....and the first frost was a surprise too, when it came in mid-August.  In 2014, it seemed we had gained four weeks on both ends of the season 

Community spirit has flourished and has made the Hort much more visible.  It always seemed many years ago that  the passer-by had no idea who planted the bulbs and flowers at the War Memorial.  Bravo to the Hort for participating in the Santa Parade and having a Christmas carol singsong



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