Kincardine & District Horticultural Society

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The Kincardine and District Horticultural Society

Kincardine & District Horticulture Society


Although the Kincardine Society as we know it today, was formalized on May 14, 1980 it has been in existence for a much longer time in fact 106 years. Today it continues with its mandate to beautify and protect our environment, and provide horticultural education and leadership to the community. We are proud members of the Ontario Horticultural Association, a province-wide association of horticultural societies.


Our Society plants and tends trees, shrubs, and flower beds throughout our community. We have proudly supported our municipality in winning Communities in Bloom National Championship 2002, International Champion 2003, the Scott Award for Community of Best Gardeners in 2004; and the Canadian Classic competition for mentoring the Town of Mildmay in 2005. In 2006 Kincardine was first runner up in the international division of Communities in Bloom. We continue to give our support in further endeavours.    


Our banner was stitched by Helena Hill.                             




Kincardine Horticultural Society 106 YEARS!
by Janet Moyser

History of the Ontario Horticultural Association


Last Updated: 2018-09-25