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AFMHS 2017 Guest Speakers
by Allan Halowski

 AFMHS 2017 Guest Speakers


February 28th

Michelle Bastien from the Windsor Home Depot Garden Centre will be speaking on Square Foot Gardening and presenting a special dirt recipe that produces 60lbs of vegetables in one square foot.


March 28th 

Jan Dugdale from the Lasalle Hort. Society will be speaking to us on Ponds, Plants and Pond Life.


April 25th

Marg Dudley from the Belle River Hort. Society will be speaking on Soils and Container Gardening and comparing various ingredients and amendments in soil mixes and types of containers that can be used with tips, tricks and ideas from her experience and research.


May 23rd

Amy Bastien, a recent grad from St. Clair College, will be presenting on Design Landscaping- new ideas with a slant to being environmentally friendly.


Sept 26th

 Annual BBQ.  Speaker Margaret Gold will be doing a presentation on the Hamilton Biological Gardens in New Zealand or mini gardens in a particular style including National Culture Gardens - Japanese style.




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