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Board of Directors


Flamborough Horticultural Society Contacts

Email: flamhort@hotmail.com 


President:                Kari Bennett

Vice President:         Kathy Johnson

Past President:         Tina Coverly

Past President:         Arie Vanspronsen

Treasurer:                Sherrill Allard

Secretary:                Vacant



Trudy Bliedung

Ann Cochren

Gene Ditner

Theresa Santin

Lee Vanspronsen

Rosanne Waugh




Committee Chairs:

  • Caring Committee – Annamary  Kilham
  • Membership Committee -  Theresa Santin, Gene Ditner
  • Guest Speakers and Programs Committee – Arie Vanspronsen
  • Publicity Committee - Lee Vanspronsen
  • Civic Improvement Committee - Jan Bignell
  • Plant Sale Committee - Connie Godyn, Roxanne Riley
  • Flower Shows Committee – Donna Langford, Rosanne Waugh, Gene Ditner
  • Trillium Awards - Karen Brunsch
  • Members' Garden Tour Committee – Arie Vanspronsen
  • Communications Copywriter - Kathy Steel
  • Newsletter - Charlotte Bullock
  • Website - Tatiana Minina, Trudy Bliedung

 Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Flamborough-Horticultural-Society-Page-1005131679533776/

Last Updated: 2019-03-02