Dorchester Horticultural Society

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Dorchester Horticultural Society

Our club began in November of 1994 when a local resident invited others to gather and discuss forming a society. Twenty eight people attended that first meeting. The society has been operating under the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) guidelines for a Horticultural Society since that first meeting and officially became a member in 1996.

The goals of our society are to meet fellow garden enthusiasts, educate by holding monthly meetings with interesting speakers and demonstrations, encourage civic improvement and beautification, promote horticulture to our youth thru meetings just for children, encourage native plantings and promote environmental issues.




The Society flower emblem is the Sunflower. 

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Seed Starting
by Agnes Burroughs

Our guest speaker for the evening Mr. Ron Rossini, was just full of enthusiasm for starting seeds for all sorts of plants, but he is actually known as the "Tomato Man", and we can see why.  Mr. Rossini grows German Strawberry, King Tut (reportedly came right from the tomb), Dr. Wyche's yellow, Kellogg's Breakfast, Northern Lights and Giant Belgium just to name a few--an

Last Updated: 2018-01-04