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District Director's Report for 2013                                                Sharon Nivins

District 8 held it 2013 AGM on April 27, 2013, hosted by Wingham & District Horticultural Society.  Thanks to Wingham for putting on a great day.  We had Suzanne Hanna speak on "Seedy Saturdays".  We had announced that several societies had received the OHA Tree Grant and Seaforth & District Society received the new Community Garden Grant, well done everyone.

Our Spring board meeting was hosted by Brussels & District Horticultural Society in June.  Here we went over proxy voting and filling out the forms.  We had a lively plant auction followed by a potluck lunch.  After lunch those who wished could tour 5-6 Brussels' members and friend's flower gardens.

I attended the OHA Convention in Thunder Bay in District 14.  We had great speakers and was told the bus trips were awesome.  We had eight (8) delegates from District 8 attend.

We had an emergency meeting on August 17th.  We did a tree planting picture with our Jubilee Oak Tree that is planted in Goderich.  Afterwards we came back to my home for potluck and meeting.  It was to let the societies know the District year end had to be moved to December 31st to coincide with the OHA year end.

Our Fall board meeting was hosted by Tara & District Horticultural Society.  We had everyone bring a laptop so we could all go onto the gardenontario.org website and there we viewed the OHA website and log in to find the society and volunteer forms needed to be filled out by each society.  Everyone was asked by me if each society could fill these forms on line this year.  We had our assistant directors do two (2) mini workshops.  Pam Nagel helped us make stepping stones.  Liz Sangster helped us make seed balls.  Thanks Ladies.  I can't wait for spring to plant my seed balls and put my stepping stone in the garden.  We also heard that the OHA was looking at a new insurance carrier.

I had the pleasure of attending Hensall & District Horticultural Society's 30th Anniversary and Goderich & District Horticultural Society's 25th Anniversary.  I also attended several societies' AGM's if the weather co-operated.

The end of January was a mad rush to get the OHA forms completed on time.  I am pleased to announce that District 8 was one of the three (3) Districts to have all forms completed on line and by the 1st of February's deadline out of 19 Districts.  Thank you everyone.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Durham on April 5th.  I know they have been working hard to put on a great day for us.  We are having David Hobson speak in the morning and Kelly Taylor, Secretary from the OHA, speak to us in the afternoon.




District Director's Report For 2012

It smell’s, sounds and almost feels like Spring. The gardening season will soon be upon us. I hope each society had a good 2012 year and looking forward to 2013. Here is my District Director’s Report.  After last year’s annual meeting it was suggested that we send out all reports and minutes in advance so the business meeting would be shorter. Please make sure you go over the reports and minutes that are sent out. If you are unable to attend and find something incorrect please inform someone that is going or e-mail Karen with corrections or questions.

We had a very successful annual meeting in Hanover with every society represented a first in a long time. I enjoyed meeting everyone from each society and will do it again this year so I look forward to meeting each society representative in Wingham.

Our spring board meeting was hosted by Auburn society. Unfortunatelyt6his meeting was poorly attended. This meeting we went over the duties of secretaries and treasurers. Thanks to Ruth Anne and Karen for doing this. We had Janet Moyser go over the Awards Booklet as well. We had societies apply for the Tree Grants and others because of this.OHA gave each district a Bur Oak Tree to plant for the Queen’s Jubilee. It was decided to plant this tree in Goderich after the tornado damage. It was planted finally in the middle of December in Park. We had a fun little plant auction with raising $93.25. After our bagged lunch we toured 4 gardens in Auburn and Spring Breezes Garden Center just outside Auburn.

Our fall board meeting was hosted by Teeswater and District Society in their construction zone. We had all society represented except for Wingham.  From this meeting we talked about our websites. I will be checking at our interview if you have a person looking after your website and if not how can I help. Each Society brought a $5 or $10 item for a silent auction with me doing a couple of Christmas demonstrations that were added to this. We raised $169.00 from this little venture. After our bagged lunch Karen and I put on a website demonstration with the hopes of helping each society file their forms on line this year. We had 13 society file on line and 5 mailed to me so I could file on line this year. We now have a district speakers list that was complied by Vicki Culbert and can be found on our district 8 website.

This Fall I had to help one society to find away to keep going for another year. I was Glad that they found away to do this. I know all the societies are struggling with this as well. I know membership is down as well as finding executive to fill the positions.  Karen and I are willing to come and try to help with any problems you have. I attended several society annual meeting in November, December and January thanks for inviting me to install our incoming executive.

Our OHA convention is July 19-21, 2013 in Thunder Bay hosted by District 14. Information and forms are on the OHA website. Are societies or members sending things in for the Competitions (Art, Creative Writing, Photo, Publication and Web). They are listed on the OHA website with their deadlines.

Announcements:  Spring Trillium deadline is “May 14” changed for convention purposes so to constitution changes. I will be bringing up important information about proxy voting at convention. We are looking at our own district 8 constitution at our spring board meeting. There will also be other business a rising from the OHA board meeting I attended in March. Please have are representative at this meeting in Brussels. It is hard to get feedback and important information out if no one attends these meeting.

I look forward to seeing you in Wingham at our Annual Meeting .We have a very energetic and knowledgeable speaker coming to talk to us about Seedy Saturdays and saving seeds. It will be a very informative meeting.   Sharon Nivins District Director



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