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District 5 has a new logo!
by District 5

District 5 has a new logo. In fact, not just a new logo, but also our first-ever logo.

Nine entries were received in our Logo Contest that was announced at the 2013 District 5 AGM. After considerable deliberation, the entry from Sharyn Cathcart, of Lake Simcoe Gardeners, was declared the winner.

A diverse area, with urban, suburban, and rural communities, District 5 is bookended by Lake Simcoe to the north and Lake Ontario in the south. And of course, forests and smaller treed areas are found in abundance. Sharyn’s design includes all of those elements, with an elegantly rendered tree as the focus. The curved lines of the horizon incorporate the hills and valleys of the district, while the use of blue above and below the name of the District represent the two lakes.

The new logo can be found on this website and in our newsletter. In addition, it will be used on the District flyer and any other publicity material that we create.  As a member of District 5, each Society is also encouraged to make use of the logo.

The logo is available for download as a jpeg file here, as an eps file here, and as a png file here.



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> District 5 has a new logo!

Last Updated: 2016-06-28