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Category Title File
2017 AGM Invitation AGM D2_2017_AGM_Invitation_Package.pdf

Agenda 2015 D2 AGM Agenda D2_AGM_Agenda_2015.pdf

Agenda 2015 D2 Spring Advisory Agenda D2_Advisory_Agenda_Spring_2015.pdf

Agenda 2016 D2 Fall Advisory Agenda D2_Advisory_Agenda_Fall_2016.pdf

Agenda D2 2017 Fall Advisory Nov 4 2017 Agenda 2017_D2_Agenda_Fall_Advisory_Nov4_updated.pdf

AGM 2014 D2 AGM Information package PDHS_AGM_Invite_2014.pdf

AGM 2015 AGM Information - Petawawa AGM_Invite_Package_2015.pdf

award District 2 Service Award Criteria district2_service_award_criteria.pdf

Budget D2 2017 Actual Budget Draft 2016_Actual_2017_Budget_KH.pdf

Budget District 2 2017 Actual/2018 Budget D2_OHA_2017_Actual_2018_Budget.pdf

Constitution D2 Constitution district_2_constitution_10apr2010.doc

Constitution D2 Constitution district_2_constitution_2016.pdf

Constitution District 2 2017 Constitution-ApprovedApr2017 district_2_constitution_as_approvedApr2017.pdf

Constitution District 2 2017 Constitution-Proposed-October 2017 district_2_constitution rev proposed Oct 2017.pdf

Constitution District 2 2018 Constitution Revisions Proposed Feb 2018 district_2_constitution rev proposed_Feb 2018.pdf

Director Report D2 2015 Director's Report D2 Director Report 2015 final.pdf

Director Report D2 Director's Report 2014-15 D2_Director_Report _2014_15.pdf

Director Report D2 Director's Report 2016-17 D2 Director Report 2016_17 final rev.pdf

Financial 2013 D2 Financial Review 2013_D2FinReview.pdf

Financial 2014 D2 Financial Reivew D2_Financial_Review_2014.pdf

Financial 2015 D2 Spring Financial Review 2015_Spring Advisory Financial Report.pdf

Financial 2015-2016 Financial Review & Budget 2015_2016_FinancialReview_Budget.pdf

Financial policies AGM guests - Draft d2_financial_policy_d2_agm_guests_draft.doc

Financial policies AGM Speakers d2_financialPolicy_AGM_speaker.doc

Financial policies Budget in principle d2_financial_policy_d2_budget_in_principle_draft.doc

Financial policies Donations d2_financial_policy_donations.doc

Financial policies OHA guests d2_financial_policy_d2_agm_oha_guests_draft.doc

Financial policies Shows D2FlowerShowPolicy.pdf

Flower Show 2017 D2 Flower & Edibles Show 2017_D2_Flower_Edible_Show_Schedule1.pdf

Flower Show Budget D2 2017 Flower Show Budget 2017 D2 Flower Show Budget and Actual Sep 6 2017.pdf

Form 2017 D2 Youth Program Grant Form 2017 D2_Society_YouthProgram.doc

job descriptions D2 Secretary Job Description D2_Secretary_Job_Description.pdf

Minutes 2013 - D2 Advisory Council Minutes D2_Advisory_Minutes_Spring_2013.pdf

Minutes 2013 - D2 AGM Minutes D2_Minutes_AGM_2013.pdf

Minutes 2013 - D2 Spring Advisory Council Minutes 2014SpringAdMinutes.pdf

minutes 2013 Fall District Advisory Meeting Minutes 2013_Fall_Advisory_min.pdf

Minutes D2 2015 AGM Minutes - Draft D2_AGM_Minutes_April2015_draft.pdf

Minutes D2 2015 Fall Advisory Minutes (Draft) D2_Advisory_Fall_2015_minutes_draft.pdf

Minutes D2 2015 Fall Advisory Minutes - Draft D2_Advisory_Fall_2015_minutes_draft_info.pdf

Minutes D2 2015 Spring Advisory Minutes - Draft D2_Advisory_Spring_2015_Minutes_draft.pdf

Minutes District 2 2017 AGM Minutes - April 22 - Draft D2_AGM_Minutes_April2017_draft_lb.pdf

Minutes Minutes 2009-2012 2009-2012-files.zip

OHA highlights July 2013 Highlights OHA Board meeting 201307_OHABoardHighlights.pdf

OHA highlights March 2014 Highlights OHA Board Meeting 201403_OHABoardHighlights.pdf

OHA Highlights October 2013 Highlights OHA Board meeting 201310_OHABoardHighlights.pdf

Photo D2 2017 Photo Competition D2_2017_Photo_Competition_final.pdf

Photo Competition 2015 D2 Photo Competition Results 2015_D2_Photo_Competition_final_lowres.pdf

Photo Competition 2018 D2 Photo Competition 2018_D2_PhotoCompetition.pdf

Photo Competition D2 2016 Photo Competition D2_2016_Photo_Competition.pdf

Photo Competition Results D2 2016 Photo Competition Results District2_2016_Photo_Competition_Results.pdf

Poster 2014 Fun Day poster 2014_FUNDAY_Invitation.pdf

Project District 2 2017 Society Pollinator Projects 2017_D2_pollinator_projects.pdf

Registration 2014 Fun Day Registration 2014FunDayRegister.doc

report The Barrys Bay & Area Public Library Native Plant Garden MVHS_Library_Native_Garden.pdf

show schedule 2014 Distict 2 Photo Competition D2_2014_Photo_Competition.pdf

show schedule 2014-D2 Photo Competition D2_2014_Photo_Competition.doc

show schedule 2014D2Summer Show Schedule 2014_D2_Show_Schedule.pdf

Show Schedule 2015 D2 Summer Flower & Edible Show District2_Flower_&_Edibles_Show_2015.pdf

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