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OHA grants for societies
by Webmaster

OHA $200 Tree Grant The Ontario Horticultural Association is continuing its Tree Planting Grant whereby a Society or District of the Ontario Horticultural Association may apply for up to $200 for a special tree planting. Up to 25 tree-planting grants will be awarded each year.

After January 1 each year, send a letter to the OHA awards coordinator in order to apply for this grant.   awards@gardenontario.org

The grant is to be used for the purchase of a tree to be planted in a community or public space.

Photo left: Serviceberry tree planted in Bolton's Peace Park

 A request by a society or district outlining the species of tree to be purchased, where the tree will be planted and whether the planting commemorates a special event for the Society/District/Community should be sent to the Ontario Horticultural Association Awards Coordinator: OHA Awards Coordinator, Grace Esposito, 130 Riverview Avenue, Woodbridge, ON L4L 2L6

The tree grants will be awarded on a first come basis after December 31, 2012, up to a maximum of 25 awards per year. Any society or district that receives this funding cannot apply again for three years. The awarded society or district has to complete the planting of their tree by the end of that given year. For example: if the grant is awarded in 2013 – the tree must be planted by the end of 2013. Once approved, payment is made upon submission of an original receipt for the tree and a digital picture of the planting. The picture becomes the property of the OHA.

Begin a Special Project As part of the ongoing support of member societies, the Board of the Ontario Horticultural Association annually awards Special Project grants of up to $500 each for the use of societies toward the completion of projects having a long lasting benefit to their society or community.
Special Project Application Form (.pdf) (.doc)  
The grant is to be used for planting materials such as perennials, trees and shrubs and not for the planting of annuals or for mulch, manure, compost or hard surface materials. When preparing your application, be sure to include information about the location and use of the project, a budget for the project, a planting plan, one or two photographs of the site, a list of plant materials to be used, and the estimated costs. Please keep your applications to a maximum of 6 pages.
The Ontario Horticultural Association will grant up to ten projects a year to a maximum of $500 for each
project with a limit of one project per society per year. Any society that receives this funding cannot apply again for five years.
To be considered for a Special Project grant in 2013, an application form and the accompanying information should be completed and mailed to your District Director no later than February 28th.

OHA Community Garden Grant  The OHA provides financial support for a selected society for communtiy vegetable gardens as funds allow. Please see the  description below and complete the application for mailing. It is due to your District Director by Feb. 15th Community Garden Application (Application)  
The Ontario Horticultural Association encourages its member societies to create or contribute to community gardens whether urban or rural. OHA will award a grant of $500 each to two societies to assist in the funding of a new community garden or the upgrading of an existing community garden.
A community garden is a plot of land, either publicly or privately owned, that is used to grow food for gardeners and/or the surrounding community. Either the whole space is communal or each member maintains a plot. Members share in the upkeep of the garden (work bees) and are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process and socialize with other gardeners.
Eligible expenses include costs related to site development such as the construction of raised beds, as
well as soil, tools, and equipment purchases. Upgrading a garden may take the form of adding a washroom, a compost area, a water harvesting area, fencing or other installations that support the gardening activities of the members.
When completing your application, please include information about permissions to build a garden on your site, insurance waivers for participants, a budget, a plan of your project, and any partners in your project.
To apply, complete the Community Garden application form and mail it to your Director no later than February 28 of the current year. If your community garden project is awarded a grant, payment will follow a completion report including receipts and pictures of the completed project.
There is a time limit on the issuing of the grant. The completion form must be received by the OHA
Awards Coordinator before December 31 of the next year. i.e. a grant awarded in 2013 must be received by December 31 of 2014. If a completion report accompanied by receipts is not received by this time, it will be assumed that the community garden project will not be completed and the grant will cancelled.   

Youth Club Grant Apply for funds for programming, seeds, special events, supplies, etc. for your Society Youth Club/Group.

This program is to provide Youth Clubs/Groups with financial support.  Any active Youth Club/Group in Good Standing with the Ontario Horticultural Association may apply for the grant. The grant may be used for programming, seeds, special events, supplies, etc. for the Youth Club/Group applying for the grant.Any Youth Club/Group receiving a grant cannot apply the following year.




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