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District 15 Youth Group Awards Archive
by Webmaster

Awarded for recognition of excellence in Youth Programming

District 15 societies working with youth are encouraged to submit youth activity reports to the District 15 Board at the annual February Presidents' meeting. Based on these reports, awards are given out at the District 15 Annual General Meeting held in late April or early May.

All societies supporting youth groups and submitting a youth activity report are eligible for an annual grant from the Baker Fund. The OHA also offers a Youth Club "HELP PROGRAM" grant. To download the application from the OHA website, click here

The following is a list of youth award recipients. Congratulations for nurturing the next generation of gardeners!


YEAR District 15 Trophy & Bill Baker Memorial AWARD Bill Baker Memorial TROPHY
2012 Cloverleaf Garden Club Brampton Horticultural Society
2011 Brampton Horticultural Society
2010 Richmond Hill Horticultural Society
2009 Brampton Horticultural Society
2008 Brampton Horticultural Society Chinguacousy Garden Club 
2007 Brampton Horticultural Society Chinguacousy Garden Club 
2006 Brampton Horticultural Society
2005 Parkdale and Toronto Horticultural Society Brampton Horticultural Society
2004 Etobicoke Horticultural Society Chinguacousy Garden Club 
2003 Chinguacousy Garden Club  Brampton Horticultural Society
2002 Etobicoke Horticultural Society Bolton & District Horticultural Society
2001 Etobicoke Horticultural Society Chinguacousy Garden Club
2000 Chinguacousy Garden Club  Bolton & District Horticultural Society


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Last Updated: 2018-09-26