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2016 Directors' Letter
by Charles Freeman, District 1 Director

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The year 2015, was marked by many amazing and varied accomplishments by the Societies in District #1 as reported at the Presidents' Meeting. Each and every Society held events which were educational, enjoyable and memorable. No matter how much planning went into each event, even with those small (or large) glitches that may have occurred, every event was a success in the eyes of those in attendance.

The International Plowing Match was held in Finch where Martintown and Williamstown did the District proud with their innovative floral inspired decorations, informative presentations and interesting exhibits on the grounds and in the Heritage tent. It also brought distinction to Cornwall for their involvement in the Dutch-Canadian Friendship Tulip Garden Project. They were chosen as one of the 140 recipients from over 700 applicants to  succeed in obtaining tulip bulbs for civic plantings in honour of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland and for Canada giving refuge to the Dutch Royal Family during World War II.

Also, there were two district milestones this year. Gloucester celebrated its 90th Anniversary and Martintown celebrated its 50th year.

Congratulations to the members past and present of both Societies.

Next year, 2016, holds many opportunities for each Society to again show their enthusiasm for and love of horticulture and horticultural based events and endeavours. It is always interesting to see how Societies bring to fruition different ideas that become realities for local projects. I am sure there will be many interesting projects undertaken by every Society.

From observing what occurs at meetings I have attended, please keep making these dates informative and entertaining. They are the true lifeblood of your Society so please keep sharing knowledge, working on your pet projects and enjoying both the social and educational advantages that these get-togethers can bring.

On a sad note, it is unfortunate that we are seeing the closure of Societe d'horticulture d"Alfred et des environs which was the onlyofficial French speaking Society in the O.H.A . However, with declining membership combined with some of the remaining members not willing change from the way things were always done, there is no other alternative.
Here's to a successful 2016 and THANK YOU to every member of every Society for your support of your Society and the science of Horticulture.



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