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This 'n That from Coldwater
by all that being sai


  It seems like only yesterday I was outside planting tulip bulbs while the cool rain drizzled on me.  I kept asking myself why, why do I do this to myself every year but now as I look outside at the piles of white snow everywhere I know the answer to that question.  It is because of the hope of it all.  The hope that there will be another spring.  The hope that in spite of the terrible conflicts that oppress our planet life will continue as it was meant too.  I look at our ancient trees on the propterty and think how they have lived through so much and still continue to do what they were intended to do and how I appreciate them more and more for the oxygen they provide and the cool shade in the heat of summer. Nature has helped me to remain stable and not let myself become overwhelmed by negative influences.

  I am looking forward to the tulips and other green things pushing their way through in the spring.  Such a sign of hope is what keeps this gardener looking forward to good things to come.  So get out those magzines and books and start planning something new.  Try new colour combos; try a new method or two.  Read a new gardening book.  Exchange a plant with a friend or a cutting , some seeds.  Surprise someone with a gift of a plant. Don't give up.  There is always HOPE.



> This 'n That from Coldwater

Last Updated: 2019-01-31