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About Us

Welcome to The Coldwater Garden Club

"Keeping Coldwater & District Beautiful"

1952 - 2019  67h Anniversary

The Coldwater & District Horticultural Society was established on April 15, 1952 as a member of The Ontario Horticultural Association, District 16.  Our society was originally known as The Huronia Horticultural Society. Our society includes members from the village of Coldwater and the neighbouring district.

Our Objective  The objective of the Society is to encourage interest and involvement in horticulture throughout Coldwater and the surrounding district.

  • By holding meetings respecting the theory and practice of horticulture.
  • By encouraging the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers on public and private grounds.
  • By promoting balcony, plot and community gardening and outdoor beautification.
  • By arranging field trips, contests, competitions and exhibitions related to horticulture and awarding prizes.
  • By distributing seeds, plants, bulbs, flowers, trees and shrubs.
  • By promoting the protection of the environment.
  • By promoting the circulation of horticultural information through any media.

Our Members share a love for anything that grows.  We have a desire to learn more and help to educate each other, while sharing our own experiences of success and failure in the garden.  As a group, we share a common interest in all that grows ranging from beginners to experts.

Our Projects

  • Rick Hansen Memorial Bridge Garden
  • Entrance  Gardens to Coldwater
  • (Woon Garden)in the  Coldwater Village Green
  • Memorial Garden, Gray Street
  • Annual Plant Sale in June,,with the Village Garage Sale
  • The fall fair draws members from our Society to run and organize their flower show each year.



Last Updated: 2019-01-31