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May 12, 2018

 8:30am – 12 Noon


Sale of plants grown locally by members and friends of the club. 

The sale takes place in the parking lot of the Carmen Corbasson Community Centre (Cawthra Rd, south of Q.E.W.)  - MAP



A great way for club members to learn about plants is by helping out at the "potting parties" and/or help on the day of the plant sale. 


For more information contact Edel.





1. Digging and Potting Plants:

- Dig and pot the plants in the fall or in the spring and at least one week before the plant sale.  (Most perennials survive the winter in a pot, covered with leaves, and in an area protected from wind).

- Whenever possible, please use 1 gallon pots (available from the recyling bin at nurseries or from Edel).

- Divide large clumps of plants if possible, to fit into 1 gallon pots.

- Water the potted plants generously and regularly to stay fresh.

- Should you need pots or soil, contact Edel.


2. Labeling Plants:

- Label each potted plant, using a wood or plastic stick and a permanent marker, as


one side: Plant Name & Cultivar (if known), Colour, Height

other side: Full Sun/Shade/Part Shade and the flowering season (when applicable)

    (The plant databases links below are helpful in finding plant characteristics.)

- Labels are available at the April & May club meetings or by contacting Edel.

- There is no need to label hostas, as they are well-know and easily identified.


3. Plant drop offs: Announced in the spring at the club meetings and in the April or May newsletter.



PLANT DATABASES with search engines:


Garden Away

Plants For A Future



Plant Sale Chair:

     Email Edel or call 416-953-1031


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Last Updated: 2019-01-22