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In May Bracebridge Horticultural Society will celebrate 87 years since incorporation. That’s truly amazing! The world has changed so much throughout that time. There’s no doubt that there has been lots of interest which has kept the society going.

It has been predicted that horticultural societies will not survive another 15 years. Have the changes in our lifestyles become so great that there is no longer room for horticulture? I say it is time to take up the challenge to determine what our members want and need in 2019. Social media is prevalent everywhere you look and is a must to reach a greater audience. Let’s consider lifestyles which very often include double incomes to make ends meet and leisure time a premium. In addition to traditional horticulture which covers flowers, trees and shrubs, it also includes growing vegetables, herbs, ecosystems, habitats, forestry, composting and aquaculture. Let’s include every aspect of what is involved with growing, from microbes in soil to the weather and climate change. There is a vast expanse of horticultural related fields that we can all learn from. Keep coming to our meetings and we’ll try to offer you a wider view of horticulture today.


KATHY DYER Co-President

When our survey results concerning members suggestions, concerns, likes and dislikes came back last September, one thing that stood out for me was the social aspect of our meetings and activities that everyone seemed to enjoy the most. 


Our programs are outstanding; our work in Bracebridge’s public gardens is admired; workshops, bus and car tours are always educational and fun; and our work in our own gardens keeps us healthy and relaxed.


Let’s keep the party going in 2019 while working to keep Bracebridge the beautiful town that we all love.  Come out to all our meetings, take part in all that we do and bring a friend or two with you to share in the fun.





Bracebridge Plant, Bake and Yard Sale
by Kathy Dyer

Plant, Bake and Yard Sale 

Saturday May 25th , 2019 starting at 8:30am

Hiram Street Train Station Parking Lot



Last Updated: 2019-02-20