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The Red Rose of Lancaster - The Official Flower of the Town of Ajax

The Ajax Garden Club began in 1974. We are chartered with the Ontario Horticultural Association and are located in the Town of Ajax, 15 kilometers east of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

We contribute to the Town of Ajax through civic beautification and community projects.
At our monthly meetings members enjoy interesting guest speakers, a flower show, raffle prizes, and refreshments.
We support volunteer planting sessions at local gardens and hold an annual plant sale.

Members can receive terrific discounts at many local nurseries and other garden-related businesses in Ajax and vicinity.

The membership fee for new members is $20 per year. Only $15 per year for renewals.

To get more enjoyment and beauty from your garden, join the Ajax Garden Club.



Garden Tour

Saturday, July 12

 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

 Self-guided tour through beautiful award-winning gardens: $10

 For more information, please contact:

 Gail Dowber: 289-624-6381

 Marion Mueller: 905-839-3330

Leila Khouri: 905-903-2250 

Debbie Wright: ajax.garden.club.pres@gmail.com 

(Generalized map provided on ticket. Detailed directions listed below.)

 Tickets may be purchased at Vandermeer Nursery (588 Lakeridge Road)

or by contacting Gail Dowber or Marion Mueller. Tickets also available on the day of the tour.

Please visit us on Facebook to get a sneak peek of some of the gardens on our tour: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ajax-Garden-Club/493098350758050


Dear Ajax Garden Club garden tour visitor:

Unfortunately, garden #2 (8 Bidgood Drive) is NOT on the tour due to an illness in the family. We are substituting Wayne Hingston's garden at 7 Hilling Drive. We have also added Jennifer Demsey's garden at 14 Murphy Lane, rounding out the tour to 10 gardens.

This is a self-guided tour, so you can plan your own personal tour, beginning and ending as you wish. I encourage you to visit all 10 gardens, ensuring that the garden owners initial your passport. For those who visit all 10 gardens, there will be a draw for a wonderful prize (value $140-160).

Garden #1: 15 Brandwood Square (Aaron)--to avoid construction road closures, please follow these directions

directions: north on Salem Rd., past Rossland Rd.; turn right onto Williamson Rd.; turn right onto Seward Cres.; turn right onto Fotheringham Gate; turn right onto Brandwood Square

Garden #2 (NEW): 7 Hilling Drive (Wayne and Sylvia)

directions: south on Westney Rd., past Bayly St. (south of Giant Tiger); turn right onto Lake Driveway; turn left onto Hilling Drive

Garden #3: 13 Carr Drive (Pat)

directions: north on Westney Rd., past Hwy 2; turn right onto Magill Drive (Food Basics plaza); turn right onto Coles Ave.; turn right onto Chapman Drive; turn left onto Carr Drive


Garden #4: St. Andrew's Community Garden--46 Exeter Avenue

directions: south on Harwood Ave., past Hwy 2; turn left onto Kings Cres.; turn right onto Exeter Ave.; turn left into driveway for the community centre and follow the roadway to the back of the building


Garden #5: 185 Rands Road (Linda)--2013 Red Rose of Lancaster award winner

directions: south on Westney Rd., past Bayly St.; turn right onto Finley Ave.; turn right onto Rands Road


Garden #6: 12 Danton Court(Gail)

directions: south on Harwood Ave., past Bayly St.; turn right onto Clover Ridge Drive; turn right onto Danton Court


Garden #7: 56 Pittmann Crescent (Linda)

directions: south on Harwood Ave., past Bayly St.; turn right onto Clover Ridge Drive; turn right onto Pittmann Crescent


Garden #8: 17 Preston Court (Donna)

directions: south on Harwood Ave., past Bayly St.; turn left onto Dreyer Drive; turn left onto Clements Road; turn left onto Preston Court


Garden #9: 82 Rollo Drive (Laila)

directions: east on Bayly St.; turn right onto Pickering Beach Road; turn left onto Rollo Drive


Garden #10 (NEW): 14 Murphy Lane (Jennifer)

directions: north on Westney Rd.; turn left onto Rossland Rd.; turn right onto Ravenscroft Rd.; turn left onto McCullock Cres.; turn left onto Murphy Lane

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