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Month by Month Gardening Guide
by AGC & Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food



Inspect houseplants for spider mites and aphids

Use urea (46-0-0) to melt ice near outdoor plants

Plan garden layout

Order flower and vegetable seeds

Enrol in home garden studies

Pay Agincourt Garden Club yearly dues

Try forcing a flowering bulb (amaryllis etc.)




Propagate indoor plants (geraniums etc.) by stem cuttings

Place mail orders for shrubs and hedges

Order seed flats and containers

Check newspapers for dates of annual garden shows

Conduct seed exchange with friends & neighbours




Plant flowers and vegetables indoors

Prune fruit trees and grape vines

Start tuberous begonias in pots

Press garden perennials back into place if frost has heaved them

Spray fruit trees with dormant oil

Prune back overgrown shade trees & hedges

Repair rodent-damaged trees & shrubs with tree dressing

Treat houseplants with water-soluble fertilizer (e.g. 20-20-20). Follow label rates

Prune summer flowering shrubs




Rake & fertilize lawns

Remove mulch from roses, a little at a time

Plant shrubs, trees & hedges

Prune roses

Apply pre-emergence weed killer to control crabgrass

Transplant biennials (violas, pansies, foxglove, etc.)

Repair lawn damage with topsoil & seed

Plant early vegetables (peas, radishes, onions)

Spray for birch leaf miner

Check newspaper for dates of annual garden shows




Construct lattice for vines

Transfer bedding annuals to outdoor cold frame

Check trees for tent caterpillars & other insects

Plant frost-sensitive flowers (petunias, etc.)

Remove faded flower heads of tulips & daffodils

Prune shrubs & trees after flowering

Spray lawn weeds with herbicides

Fertilize lawns

Plant vegetable garden, strawberries & raspberries

Harvest asparagus




Prune evergreens & hedges

Use grass clippings & compost on garden to conserve moisture & control weeds

Irrigate lawns & vegetables as required

Thin annuals & vegetables

Treat annual flowers with fertilizer (e.g. Compost Tea). See Resources, Organic Gardening, for information.

Stake tall growing perennials

Pinch back garden chrysanthemums

Remove faded rose blooms

Weed vegetable garden & flowerbeds




Cut grass no shorter than 5 centimetres (2 inches)

Fertilize annuals and vegetables (e.g. water soluble 20-20-20)

Shallow hoe gardens regularly

Pinch back annuals, if getting straggly

Water garden thoroughly during dry spells

Harvest berries

After strawberry harvest, mow tops down to 5 centimetres (2 inches) and narrow row to 24 centimetres (12 inches)




Prune climbing roses

Order flowering bulbs

Cut out old raspberry canes and narrow row to 40 centimetres (18 inches)

Spray shrubs for powdery mildew control

Harvest vegetables, blanch & freeze




Prepare & seed new lawns

Divide perennials

Plant evergreens

Last fertilizing of lawns for the year

Air-dry onions for storage

Remove perennial borders

Harvest grapes after first frost

Soak soil around evergreens & transplants




Plant bulbs in garden (e.g. tulip, daffodil)

Transplant shrubs & trees

Dig & store dahlias, gladiolus, & tuberous begonias

Plant amaryllis for Christmas blooms

Gather leaves & add to compost pile

Winterize lawn mower

Plough vegetable gardens




Soak soil around evergreens if ground is dry

Hill up roses

Check supports for newly planted trees

Protect trees & shrubs from mice & rabbits

Mulch tender plants

Plant hyacinth & other bulbs for winter forcing indoors

Clean garden storage area & tools




Loosely wrap pyramidal evergreens with burlap or plastic netting

Remove snow from shrubs & spreading evergreens

Reduce watering of indoor plants

Set up indoor lighting unit


Consider gardening Christmas gifts for friends, e.g. homemade jams & preserves.





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