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About Us

Some Facts and History About Our Club

A retired farmer, Mr. T. A. Paterson [father of Frank Paterson, for whom the popular lilac was named (see picture on HOME page)], and Mr. J. Lockie Wilson of the Ontario Department of Agriculture, teamed together to organize the first horticulture society in what was then the village of Agincourt. Its first meeting was held on January 14, 1918 (a membership cost a whole $1.00) and the Society operated until 1926. The aims of the Society were very similar to those we have today, including education about gardening, and public and home beautification. Many trees were planted by the Society and remain to this day on the main streets of the old village, including Sheppard Avenue, Agincourt Drive, Lockie Avenue, and Donalda Drive.

As the community of Agincourt (part of the City of Scarborough) grew in the post World War II period, a new horticultural society was established, and on May 2, 1952, Mr. Joe Tiffin, along with 31 others formed the new society under the Horticulture Societies Act. Most of the meetings in these days were held in the North Scarborough Community Centre. In the early 60’s the Society moved it's place of meeting to the Christian Education Centre of Knox United Church, where we are now located. In 1966, the members voted to change the name of the “Society” to that of the Agincourt Garden Club.

In 1978, our Club along with the Scarborough Horticultural Society and the then City of Scarborough, established the Trillium Awards Program, a program designed to recognize the efforts of all Scarborough residents who enhance their neighbourhoods and the City as a whole through the beauty of their front gardens. The continued active role of our members has made this a very successful program. This program is being continued on (since amalgamation into the City of Toronto) and will now be known as the Trillium Garden Awards (Toronto East).

We have a yearly planting programme that is carried out by our Club under which we supply plants and/or also volunteer labour in the planting thereof at many local church properties, as our contribution to the beautification of the Agincourt community. On October 16, 2002 our Club was presented with a “Long Term Service Award” by the Scarborough Community Council in recognition of our 50th Anniversary.

Last Updated: 2019-01-16