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Gifts to and from Gardeners

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Service Pins

Recognize those long-service members of your society.

5 Year Service Pin

Item 04-22 $5.00

10 Year Service Pin

Item 04-13 $5.00

15 Year Service Pin

Item 04-14 $5.00

20 Year Service Pin

Item 04-15 $5.00

25 Year Service Pin

Item 04-16 $5.00

30 Year Service Pin

Item 04-17 $5.00

35 Year Service Pin

Item 04-18 $5.00

40 Year Service Pin

Item 04-19 $5.00

50 Year Service Pin

Item 04-20 $5.00

Natural Landscape
Resource Booklet

A Guide to using Native Plants

Item 07-01 $5.00

Be Part of the Buzz

Postcards, 4 X 6 inches, full colour. Reverse is plain white with room to identify local society or District using pen, sticker or rubber stamp.


Hasty Notes

New Note Cards are available - five cards to a package with envelopes. Special: Order five packages and receive one free! Older Trillium version still available.

Item 05-01 One package (five cards) $5.00
Item 05-02 Five packages $20.00


OHA History Books

The Story of Ontario Horticultural Societies 1854-1973. This book will be wonderful reading for Horticultural Society members and a great gift for people who are interested in OHA and community horticultural societies, horticultural history and Canadian social history.

Item 07-03 Soft cover $9.99
Item 07-04 Case bound $14.99

Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design, 2003 Edition.

This booklet tells exhibitors what a judge is looking for when judging a flower show's floral designs and horticultural specimens (cut flowers, vegetables, potted plants, bonsai, terrariums and trough gardens). It includes everything you need to know about staging a flower show and about how to prepare your entries. The rules and guidelines in this book will be used by the judge to assess the quality of exhibits and the awarding of prizes.

OHA Order number 07-02 Price $10.00


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