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Speaker Registration

If you would like to become a speaker for OHA meetings and events, please fill in your information below. Only one form is necessary for the duration of your OHA speaking "career". Your information can be updated by sending an email to speakers@gardenontario.org.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Postal Code:
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District (use ctrl+click for multiple choices):

Fee requested:

Whatever Society/District offers Yes No
Or per km both ways ($ amount)
Or a specific amount ($ amount)
Or other


Specific times of the year
Specific times of the week
Specific times of the day


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Description of Presentation

References or recent presentations

Horticultural Society the speaker is a member of:

List on the public web site?:
Yes, list the speaker's name, e-mail and phone number on the web site
No, list only for OHA members who log in.
Yes, but list the speaker's name only.

*Please complete all the mandatory fields (*) before submitting this form. Otherwise, you will lose the information you have entered on this page.