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Info & Resources

Including Facts and Hints - Articles on the Garden Ontario web site.

OHA does not verify the facts contained in the articles associated with these links.  Please use the information provided as a starting point for research into various topics of interest.   Listing a link does not imply OHA endorsement of an organization, its principles or its policies.

Gardening program for seniors

Dealing with wildlife

Create A butterfly garden

Pesticides and alternatives


Green Solutions

Beneficial insects

Using native plants

Mapping your backyard

Water conservation & composting

Waterwise tip for the summer season

Zone maps

25 Questions and Answers about Composting
Mulching - A Fancy word for "Being on Top of the Soil
Compost Tea - A Nourishing refreshment for your plants

Water gardens

Poisonous plants
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System


Resources for youth gardeners
Kids Valley Garden

Plants: Eco-Field Guide
Forests: Seeing the Forest and the Trees
Tree Planting Tips
Adopt a Frog: Protecting Frog Habitat
Junior Master Gardeners

Growing Avocadoes

Jardin des jeunes branches [Jardin botanique de Montreal]

The Great Plant Escape

Worm World 

Facts and Hints - Articles on the Garden Ontario web site.

Plants - Information about specific plants

Wildlife - Information about animals & insects in your garden

Guides - Help on exhibiting or starting a new type of gardening

Miscellaneous - Facts that don't fit any where else!

Did You Know

You can learn all sorts of facts and obtain information about gardening by visiting an Ontario Horticultural Association Society meeting in your area.

These meetings are open to the public and usually include guest speakers on a variety of interesting topics.

Find a Society near you!



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