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Ideas: Show Schedules

The information following is extracted from the Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design, 2003 Edition. This booklet tells exhibitors what a judge is looking for when judging a flower show's floral designs and horticultural specimens (cut flowers, vegetables, potted plants, bonsai, terrariums and trough gardens).


The booklet includes everything you need to know about staging a flower show and about how to prepare your entries. The rules and guidelines in this book will be used by the judge to assess the quality of exhibits and the awarding of prizes.


Also included are judging standards for non-standard competitions such as residential gardens, apartment and condominium gardens, townhouse gardens, balcony and patio or terrace gardens, rural & farm properties, non-residential properties (commercial, industrial, institutional, church and school), specialty gardens and youth gardens.


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Organizing a Horticultural and Floral Design Show


The Show includes flowers, plants, fruit, vegetables, floral designs and special exhibits. Objectives of the Show are to educate, stimulate interest in horticulture, provide a venue for creative expression, encourage community participation and have a project in which all members can participate.


Organizations should strive to have a Standard Flower Show. Every effort should be made to have the Show conform to Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design, 2003 Edition.


A Standard Flower Show has at least two divisions, which must include one Horticultural and one Design Division. Each division has a minimum of five classes with a minimum of four exhibits in each class.

The Show Schedule Design Division


The schedule must be clear and specific since it governs the outcome of the Show.



The Design Division theme should stimulate the imagination of competitors and provide inspiration for class titles.


Class Titles

Producing a good schedule requires that all class titles:


Design Schedule

A stimulating and challenging schedule should be:

Share your great themes and class titles for inspiration! Send your ideas to webmaster@gardenontario.org.