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Plant Sale
5/11/2019N/A Plant Sale

5/11/20193 Belleville Garden Club

5/11/20193 Gananoque PLANT SALE

5/11/20196 Haldimand Plant and Bake sale

5/11/20197 FERGUS - Best Bloomin' Plant Sale

5/11/201910 Thorndale Plant Sale

5/11/201915 2019 PLANT FAIR: Parkdale & Toronto Horticultural Societies

5/11/201915 Schomberg HS Plant Sale

5/18/20196 DELHI: Annual Plant Sale

5/18/20196 Mount Hamilton Horticultural Society Annual Plant Sale

5/18/201915 Credit Valley Horticultural Society - PLANT SALE

5/18/201916 Alliston Plant Sale

5/25/20194 Annual Plant and Bake Sale

5/25/20195 Spring Plant and Bake Sale

5/25/201916 Plant and Bake Sale

5/25/201918 Bracebridge Plant, Bake and Yard Sale

5/27/201916 Tottenham Garden Club - Plant/Bake Sale


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