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 Youth Newsletter January 2014: youth_jan2014_newsletter.pdf (13 KB)
Enjoy news about the Youth groups and see the Georgina Brock youth groups giant pumpkin!
 Youth Newsletter January 2013: youth_newsletter_jan2013.pdf (712 KB)
This newsletter contains information on seeds, There is also links to the OHA convention in Thunder Bay at the end. An extremely well done newsletter!!!
 Youth Newsletter Fall 2014: youth_newsltrfall_ 2014.pdf (600 KB)
Fall 2014 Youth Newsletter
 2012 - 03 Youth News Fall: youth_news_2012-03_fall.pdf (348 KB)
Secret invisible ink, Growing A Magnet Craft, and more.
 2012 - 02 Youth News Spring: youth_news_2012-02_spring.pdf (332 KB)
Cardboard Gardening, Seed Starters, Crafts
 2012 - 01 Youth News Winter: youth_news_2012-01_winter.pdf (2800 KB)
Youth Garden Project 2011, Canada Blooms Competitions, Lessons From a Dandelion, Trivial Agricultural Facts


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