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Youth in Gardening

Active programs across the province.

The involvement of young people is crucial to furthering horticulture in our province. Just as we nurture our gardens and protect our natural areas, so too must we encourage the involvement of today's youth in all areas of horticulture.

Shortly, this province will be theirs to care for. Our responsibility as an organization is to demonstrate to youth the value of horticulture to the province, the community and the individual. Tending our responsibilities supports health and growth at all levels: the self, the garden and the society as a whole.

There are approximately 60 Youth Programs in Ontario. For these Societies, OHA provides the Youth Leader Manual

Benefits of a Youth Program:

The OHA Youth newsletter is published 3 times per year.  The OHA has competitions for youth members at its convention each year as well.

Youth Club Requirements

A fee ($1.00 or more) per child, per year, is mandatory in order to remain in Good Standing with OHA.

(For insurance proposes all members must be in Good Standing).

A list of paid up members is required, a copy must be held by the parent society secretary.

Children must be 6 years of age or older in order to be covered by OHA insurance, compete in OHA competitions, attend youth camps, etc.

It is compulsory that each Youth Club summit an Activity Report to the OHA Youth Chairperson each year. The reports will be used to inform the OHA board on the numbers of youth members, activities, programs, Clubs and Youth Leaders.

It is required that leaders and assistants have current vulnerable sectore records checks performed in your community and be on record with the OHA Youth Committee chairperson.  Please check with your local police department.

Youth Clubs may have elected officers, depending on the ages of members.

Should have a minimum number of children (5).

Club size:

Should have a minimum number of meetings per year (3).

Club status:

Please send a report on the project to the Youth Chair by June 1st. 

Youth Forms

2017 Youth Club Activity Report Form (.pdf) (.doc)
Youth Leaders Report 
Youth Club Permission Form  (.pdf)  (.doc)
The OHA youth club permission form
Youth Club Requirements
Youth club requirements

Youth Club Grant Form (.pdf) (.doc)
Apply for funds for programming, seeds, special events, supplies, etc. for your Society Youth Club/Group.