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Details of insurance coverage for societies have been posted below. All other forms in Word format are in Resources and can be downloaded by logging into the OHA website. All insurance forms are listed beginning "Insurance". Please address questions about insurance coverage to insurance@gardenontario.org 

Request an Insurance Certificate from Cooperators.

Using the OHA's web site you can e-mail a request for an Insurance Certificate from Cooperators. To do

  1. Log into the OHA web site as per instructions you would have been e-mailed by the webmaster.
  2. Click on OHA WebGateway
  3. Click on Manage Societies
  4. Click on Request Insurance Certificate from Cooperators.
  5. Fill in the information and click the button to "Send Request"

Send only one request at a time.  A manual form to request proof of insurance is here: (pdf).

Other insurance documentation