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About OHA

A Tree with Many Branches

Since 1906, the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) has led Ontarians in all things horticultural. Our organization is an integral part of this province's cultural fabric. (See OHA: From Then to Now). OHA was created by the Province of Ontario in 1906. It is a well-rooted tree with many branches 19 Districts); twigs (270 autonomous local societies) and leaves (over 30,000 members)!

The OHA tree is led by an executive that includes representatives from every District. It is supported by the interest of avid gardeners all across Ontario - from the shores of Lake Ontario to the Shield country of Northern Ontario. Despite the differences in climate and horticultural challenges, the thousands of individual members of OHA have many things in common:

Although OHA members love a flower show, far more of their time is spent working on community beautification projects, planning and implementing sustainable environment projects, and giving seminars and speaking to related organizations.

OHA District directors and officers wear many hats but they have in common a desire to give back to other gardeners and the community. Find out who these people are on the Leadership page.

Find out what OHA offers Societies and individual members on the OHA Benefits page.

OHA Activities

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