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Leslie Log House Project
by Carol Ashford

Leslie Log House Report

The Leslie Log house is one of the oldest remaining log homes in the province, built in 1826 by John Leslie, for whom Leslie Street and Leslieville are named.  The house was moved in 1994 from the banks of Mullet Creek (near Winston Churchill Blvd. and Derry Road) to its current location on Mississauga Road, just north of the 403.   It has sat vacant since that time.

            The 40 acres of land it sits on runs from Mississauga Road east to the Credit River and will eventually hook up with the Culham Trail.  It has a large orchard with apple and pear trees, which are in terrible disrepair , containing varieties such as Red Gravenstein, Talman Sweet and Old Style King David that exist no where else in Canada.  

SHS made a pledge to the Museums of Mississauga that we would plant a portion of the gardens at the new Leslie log House  Museum and maintain those gardens as part of our community objective.

The project was supposed to be underway last summer with planned completion for the fall of 2010 and they still hope to have the "grand public opening" in May 2011.  The museum is counting on SHS for our help with the gardens!!

Come the spring 2011, SHS will organize volunteer teams to work on the gardens over the summer.   If you are at home during the day (retired or otherwise), start thinking if you could donate a couple of hours a week or perhaps every other week or once or twice over the summer.   We are counting on our members to make this another SHS success!


Carol Ashford.

Leslie Log House Chair



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