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What to expect at a Garden Show
by Carol Ashford

Whichever garden Show you attend, you can expect garden landscape displays, competitions, a vendor area with plants, tools and gifts.  There will be plenty of seminars by garden experts and floral displays by local pros and garden clubs.

Quick Tips for Fully Enjoying a Garden Show

Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a tote bag to carry all those impulse buys and pamphlets.  Bring a sweater.  They usually keep the temperature a little low, to keep the plants and flowers looking their best.

The best time to take in a show is on a weekday evening.  By 4:00 pm most visitors are making their way back home and the crowds are the thinnest.

Many garden clubs, cooperatirve extensions and other organizations sponsor day trips to nearby shows, saving you the tiring drive after you've been on your feet all day.

Don't overlook the seminars and demonstrations.  You'll learn a lot and the time spent off your feet will give you a second wind to walk around and pick up some new ideas.




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Last Updated: 2018-01-18