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Welcome to the Norwood & District Horticultural Society

Showcase Native Flowers from our Members
Ghost Plant / Indian Pipe


President’s Message

Welcome to 2018 and the 26th Year of the Norwood and District Horticultural Society (NDHS).  We have a very exciting year ahead full of planting, growing, learning and sharing.

The character of a local horticultural society is rooted in the desire of residents to build local knowledge of the plants that characterize the community; in the desire to raise the profile of horticulture in the community; and, in the desire to engage citizens in environmental protection and enhancement.


The Norwood and District Horticultural Society continues to grow and share its knowledge and passion for various aspects of horticulture. Thanks to the interest and involvement of its members and the dedication of its energetic Board, the NDHS offers an annual program of educational opportunities and events to grow horticulture in our community. Among our activities are the Spring Plant Sale, fundraising programs, flower shows, and special exhibits. Additionally, we have a website presence as well as a Facebook page.


With a growing membership, I encourage each of you to invite a family member, neighbor or friend to join us as a guest at an upcoming meeting. The educational program for 2018 is excellent, covering a wide range of topics of interest to every gardener!


As a member of the Ontario Horticultural Association, District 4, there are additional opportunities for NDHS members to enhance their knowledge of horticulture ~ several events are planned throughout the year.


We enter 2018 with a full complement of Directors and Committee members, and I would like to thank each of them for their time and efforts to ensuring that our Society remains interesting, active and enjoyable for all!



Shane Hodge




Last Updated: 2018-10-01