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How To Prepare - Flower Show
by J Shean


How to Prepare for the Flower & Vegetable Show    

  • Read over the Show Program
  • In the morning or the night before  take a look in your garden and select the best to show.
  • With a sharp knife or scissors cut flowers or foliage with a sloping edge. Then put into tepid water and keep out of full sun. 
  • Remove lower leaves cleanly. Upper leaves must be attached unless other wise stated in category.
  • Grooming is essential. Remove evidence of insects, disease, stains, pollen etc.
  • Some  flowers, foliage and woody materials do not readily absorb water and require treatment to prevent wilting during the show.

Branches (Woody Stem Treatment)  benefit from scraping the bark from the bottom with a knife and then making a slit up with scissors or knife.

Flowers(Milky Sap Treatment) that exude a white latex or sap benefit from burning the cut end until it is blackened. (Poppies, Zinnis, etc.).

Spring Bulbs (Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils), cut away the white part of the stem then make a sloping cut on the green part of the stem

Some Cautions:

  • A bud showing colour is considered a bloom
  • Only attached foliage is permitted unless otherwise stated in schedule
  • Wiring, oiling, spraying and artificial colouring are prohibited in the Decorative Division unless stated otherwise in schedule
  • Check schedule for required number of specimens in the exhibit.

Show Entry Tags can be completed before arriving at the show. You can pick tags from any show committee member.  The tags need the following information on them.  

  • Section
  • Class
  • Your Name
  • Exhibitor's Number (if you do not have one - see show committee chair to get one)
  • to be completed on the both top and bottom section.


How do I get my exhibits to the show in one piece? 

  • Use a container that is non breakable and deep...such as coffee cans (some members put three together and attach a handle to carry it with) Plastic container or vases.
  • Don’t fill the container with too much water to avoid spillage.
  • If you have several containers then get a box and place each container in the box and pack newspaper tightly around the base. The box should have no free space once packed and then everything will stay in place


That’s it  - your ready to head to the show -Good Luck!



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Last Updated: 2018-09-11