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History: Past Presidents of NYHS
by NYGC -History









"The president presides at all the meetings of the Society, decides all questions of order and advance the interests of the society and exofficio be a member of all committees.  The president shall also have such other powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned by the board, and represent the Society at the OHA and District Annual meetings."

North York Horticultural Society By Laws 2009


The past presidents contributed their time, ideas and expertises to our Society so that we can continue sharing our love of gardening with our members and the community we live in.



1927/28                       Mr.A.W. Galbraith

1929/33                       Mr.Dan Ross

1934/36                       Mr.W.T. Wells

1937/38                       Mr.J.A. Bathgate

1939                            Mr.W.A. Curtis

1940                            Mr. R.N. Tynall

1941/45                       Mr. John S. Hall

1946                            Mr. A.J. Tilton

1947/48                       Mr. G.A. Lummis

1949/50                       Mr. Lorne Deare

1951/52                       Mrs. G.W. Fiebig

1953/54                       Mr. E.A. Overton

1955                            Mr. J. Attwell

1956/58                       Mrs. N. Ransford

1959                                               Mrs. J. M. Kinnear

1960/61                       Mr. Morris Earl

1962/63                       Mr. J.B. McFarland

1964/65                       Mrs. Doris Spafford

1966/67                       Mrs. J. Ballantyne

1968/69                       Mr. L. Kirwin

1970                                       Mrs. Audrey Meiklejohn

1971/72                       Mrs. Marion Cecil

1973/74                       Mr. Robert Gowdy

1975/76                       Mr. Lloyd Taylor

1977/78                       Mr. George Rickard

1979/80                       Mrs. Alison Hanson

1981/82                       Mr. John Chalmers

1983/84                       Mr. Bower Forward

1985/86                       Mr. Roy Crawford

1987/88                       Mrs. Jean Porter

1989/90                       Mr. Tom Nickson

1991/92                       Mr. Lloyd Taylor

1992/94                       Mrs. Gaby Crawford

1995                            Mr. Tom Nickson

1996/97                       Mr. Jack Cameron

1998/99                       Mrs. Edith Geduld

2000/01                        Jack Cameron

2002/05                        Gloria Broks

2006/07                        Diane Wilton

2008/09                        Pat Cappelli

2010/11                        Gail Bebee

2012/13                        Soo-Ling Huang

2014/17                        Janet Love










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