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2016 Flower Show Award Winners
by J. Shean

   2016 AWARD WINNERS    
Points are given in recognition of 1st (3 points), 2nd (2 points), 3rd (1 point) and Best in Show (5 points). The overall winner will be the person with the highest yearly points.    
All members, including beginners are invited to participate in the monthly and annual show. No experience is necessary. Learn as you go.    
Highest Points for the Year Pat Cappelli 183
Second Highest Points Giovanna Cappelli 155
 Third Highest Points Diane Wilton 110
Highest Points for Cultural Blooms Pat Cappelli 167
Highest Number for Decoratives Diane Wilton 57
Highest Number of Points - Roses Gloria Broks 43
Highest Number of Points for House Plants   Edith Geduld 17
Highest Points for Fruit & Vegetables Giovanna Cappelli 134
Annual Show - September    
Highest Cultural Points for AnnualShow Giovanna Cappelli  104


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