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About Us

Hello, we are your neighbours in your community.

We have members with gardens on balconies, front lawns, in pots, in their homes and some who have no gardens but like to help with gardens in the community or want to learn about plants or enjoy the speakers.  The North York Garden Club’s mission is to promote the love of gardening to our members and the public through meetings, guest speakers, flowers shows, plant sales and community outreach activities.

I would like to tell you a little about what we do and invite you to come for a visit.

Our meetings take place on the 4th Monday of the month in January, February, March, April, May, June, October and November.  At the beginning of the evening we have tea and refreshments available and our members spend the time connecting with other members.  Once our meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. we spend about ½ hour going over upcoming events, correspondence from other clubs, offers from retailers, answering questions from members and getting new ideas. At 8:00 p.m. our guest speaker starts their presentation.  We are open to everyone’s ideas for speakers and try and keep it interesting. Some of the presentations we have had in the past are:

  • Drought Tolerant Gardens
  • Beneficial Insects
  • Gardening from a Hammock
  • How to Grow Gorgeous Roses Organically
  • Behind the Scenes at Canada Blooms
  • Vegetables – All you Need to Know
  • House Plants – Our Constant Garden
  • Container Gardening
  • Design Challenges of Urban Gardening
  • Herbs – Medicines from Your Garden


The presentations are done by experts in their fields – we have had Authors, Toronto Master Gardeners, Photographers, Food and Herb Educators, Arborists, Garden Centers, Conservation Authorities, Landscape Design Companies, City Planners, Writers and Floral Designers to name a few.


After our presentation we have a Flower Show or a Photography Show. This is the time for members to bring in flowers, plants or arrangements to show to other members.  In a friendly competition we have the show judged by accredited judges from the Ontario Horticultural Association giving out 1st, 2nd, 3rd ribbons in each class.  No experience is necessary. You most likely already know what looks good in the garden and it is interesting to see if the judges agree.  The members of the show committee are always ready to help you. When you become a member you will receive our yearbook and it will have tips and instructions on how to enter.

Community Projects involving plants, flowers, vegetables, and knowledge are part of our mandate and we encourage members to suggest and help implement their ideas within the community as a group.   We look for projects that will benefit or beautify our community.

To help support the expense of the projects we have a plant sale. Our members donate plants for us to resell to the community.  All money we receive from the sale is put back into our community project.  Some of the community projects we have done in the past were;

  • Designed and planted a garden for the residences of Cummer Long Term Care
  • Designed and planted two gardens at Parkview Community Garden
  • Restored the garden at the historic McKenzie Farmhouse
  • Recognized gardeners who make our North York neighbourhoods look beautiful by joining Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation to sponsor North York Great Front Garden Contest.
  • Planted and maintained a garden at St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Workshops on Gardening with the Library
  • Participation in “Get a Jump on Spring” at the Toronto Botanical Garden 

Some of the activities (Tours and Workshops) do not fit into our meeting time frame so we arrange workshops and tours to places that will interest our members. Some of the past activities have been,

  • Tour of Humber Arboretum
  • Workshop – Beginning Floral Design
  • Tour of Toronto Brickworks
  • Workshop – Pruning
  • Tour of Stoney Ridge Winery
  • Workshop – Floral Design
  • Workshop -  Ikebana
  • Workshop – Garden Photography


The North York Garden Club has been and will continue to be a source of gardening knowledge for our members and non-members as they have been for over 90 years.

Our members volunteer their time and experience.  We encourage members to help out at our events and have fun. We have lots of opportunities, a few are listed below.


Volunteer Opportunities


  • Help set up
  • Judging Clerk
  • Clean-up

Monthly Meetings

  • Prepare Tea/coffee, provide cookies
  • Introduce or thank the speaker
  • Assist with sale of raffle tickets
  • Cleanup after the meeting, stack chairs, kitchen cleanup
  • Assist on the membership desk – pass out name badges, membership cards

Annual Events

  • In May – Annual Plant Sale, setup, pricing, cash, floor monitor, cleanup, pick up plants, help elderly members dig up plants and pot them.
  • In Feb  - Get the Jump On Spring, Shift at our NYGC table
  • In Sept – Annual Flower & Vegetable Show, setup, floor monitor, judging clerk, cleanup
  • In Oct  - Photography Contest, setup, judging clerk
  • In Nov – Annual General Meeting, setup, decorations, entertainment, help in kitchen
  • Community Projects – help with plantings, pick up plants, weeding


  • Write garden related articles
  • Submit an article on an event you participated in
  • Submit photos from events


Join Us, Have Fun, Share, Learn!

North York Garden Club



Last Updated: 2018-12-02