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Welcome to the Mount Forest Horticultural Society! The gardening season is now well underway, and it is proving to be a hot summer!  We have seen a bit of rain, but the hot and humid weather prevails!

The hummingbirds are now paired off and raising their young, and later this month we should see the babies at our feeders! It seems to be a good season for Monarchs and there are loads of caterpillers on the different varieties of Milkweed. Hopefully most will make it to be beautiful adults! (Things must be improving if 2 huge caterpillars can be found on a single plant!)

This year's PLANT SALE was a great success!  A great big THANK YOU !! to Richard Quartel of Richard's Greenhouses for hosting our sale! Thanks also to all who came out and participated, and to our wonderful customers - you are the best!

Our Town and Country Garden Tour saw near-perfect weather, with a total of 75 people visiting the 7 different gardens!  The inspiration that was generated had far-reaching consequences, with reports of numerous local gardeners returning home and attacking their gardens with renewed energy! Congratulations to Betty Murphy of Mount Forest, the winner of our draw!

Our meetings will continue through until October (on the third Wednesday of every month). Details of our meetings are posted on the Meetings page of this site.  Light snacks and beverages are served at the end of each meeting so that you can get chatting and familiarize yourself with a great community of gardeners! (A lot of us also like the chance to admire the beautiful flower show contestants, or see how they did in the competition!)

Check our News and Events page for more details on the upcoming, horticulture-related happenings in the Mount Forest area.


Last Updated: 2018-08-02