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The Grimsby Garden Club


Grismby Garden Club's 2018 program is HERE


Next Meeting Monday, March 26th, 2018 7:00pm

Speaker: Margaret Pickles

Margaret Pickles is a science professor at Niagara College who’s become known as the “Bug Lady” because of her enthusiasm for sharing with others “all things interesting” about insects. She loves to tell people just how “cool” bugs are. Her interest in bugs began at age seven, when she started her first butterfly and moth collection. Much of her youth was spent studying insects and rearing monarch caterpillars into butterflies. Since 2007, she’s been a professor at Niagara College, where she spends most of her time teaching chemistry and human biology while often working in a nature connection.

Topic:  Monarch Butterflies

Margaret is going to share with us the story of the monarch butterfly and its amazing migration. She has followed this story as it unfolded over the years and has travelled to California and Mexico to see the overwintering sites.


Floral Design Course 

Karen Gough is the contact for signing up for this course taught by Lil Haworth.  It will be at  the Pump House on Elizabeth Street.  It is scheduled for Wed, Mar 21 & 28, Apr 4 & 11; 7-9 PM;  $50/participant.


Potting Up at Trillium Hill:


Trillium Hill Potting Up 2018 

 2018 Board of Directors:

Grimsby Garden Club 2018 Board 







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