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The Grimsby Garden Club


Grismby Garden Club's 2018 program is HERE

July 30, 2018 - Rosewood Winery - 6:30 p.m.

Our annual off-site meeting will be at Rosewood Winery,  4352 Mountainview Rd, Beamsville.  Take this opportunity to enjoy an evening at this beautiful winery.  It isn't all about wine!  We will learn all about the fabulous honey that Rosewood  produces.  Be prepared to fall in love.  Don't forget your wallet - wine & honey will be available for purchase :)   

 Here's the link for the sign-up sheet HERE:


Scholarships were awarded last week at Blessed Trinity and Grimsby Secondary School Graduations. Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!


Our Trillium Program is underway with 90 nominated gardens.  

Congratulations Grimsby gardeners!

Judging takes place from July 3rd - July 10th.


 Trillium Nomination Poster


Find out everything about the program HERE





Vineland Research 2018 




We potted up annuals and perennials.  While we've had cold weather, there still was lots of choices for sun, shade, grorund covers, hostas, day lilies, display planters and hanging pots.  

Bougainvilleas from UltraGrow, orchids from CosMic, herbs from Freemans, perennials from Heritage/Valleybrook, and contributions from Hendriks - these all made a wonderful difference for the sale! 

And Ridgeview has donated a big bag of soil so that our plants are potted to grow!  

Thanks to our volunteers and buyers!  We had a lot of fun! 


2018 Plant Sale Donations



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