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2018 Waterdown Garden Walk
by Kari Bennett

Do you LOVE to see things grow?  
Do you LOVE the smell of Mother Nature?
Do you or someone you know, LOVE to garden and take pride in property curb appeal?


THE PARTICULARS… On Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st gardens in the core of our town will be viewed from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm each day. The walk is FREE! The maps are FREE! If you would like to participate, there is no judging and YEP... FREE entry too!  

THE BACKGROUND... In July last year, homeowners all around the Village Core participated in the First Annual Waterdown Garden Walk (WGW). Up and down Mill, John, Main, and a few side streets residents took part in the Walk and we would like to do it even bigger this year.  

Last year we held our walk in conjunction with the 25th Year Anniversary, of the Hamilton Spectator Open Garden Tour. Together we were 84 Gardens Strong and we are looking to "GROW" our numbers this year. We have already confirmed repeat participants and they have all said that they are looking forward to it, as they enjoyed last year’s WGW immensely.  

We heard the feedback from homeowners saying, "It didn't cost us any more. We do this to our yard every year" and, "It so nice to hear the compliments and praise for all of our hard work... We didn't think our property was ready for a garden walk, and now we know it is." 

The WGW is very similar to the Buffalo Garden Walk (the link below). Their Open Gardens have been enjoyed by so many, over the past twenty years. Their walks have helped entire communities by rejuvenating streets, re-energizing neighbourhoods, bringing together gardeners & increasing property values. We would like to do the same thing here, in our Beautiful Village of Waterdown.

Garden Owners do not have to be home to participate.  
We provide a FREE sign for the front of the property, so walkers visually know what houses are in the walk.  

Gardens will be viewed from the FRONT YARD or a combination of FRONT, SIDE & BACK. If the sign on the lawn says FRONT, the Garden Walkers will view the curb appeal from the sidewalk or street. If the owner of the property chooses to open their whole oasis, which is totally up to the individual, “ALL” will be displayed on their sign.

THE MAPS ARE FREE and will be available at #2 Union Street and #57 Elgin Street. Once again this year, our published map will detail a brief description of all the gardens (e.g. Country Casual / English Garden / Veggie Lover) & the street name and number. This will allow Participants (the walkers) to plan their day around The WGW. We merely want gardeners to share ideas and to see and enjoy the beautiful gardens that exist right here in Waterdown.  

INFORMATION... Please feel free to message us on Facebook @ Flamborough Horticultural Page or email us @ flamhort@hotmail.com.  You are also more than welcome to meet us in person, at our monthly Flamborough Horticultural Society meeting.  

Every month we meet at the St. Thomas The Apostle Church (on Centre Road, just north of Parkside) & of course, even more information is on our website at www.gardenontario.org/site.php/flamborough

Buffalo Garden Walk link



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Last Updated: 2018-12-07