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Gardening for the love of it

FDHS LogoThe Fergus Horticultural Society waits for the gardening season to begin each and every spring. As a group of dedicated gardeners, members relish in their successes. The annual pursuit of numerous purple clad gardeners, "Diggin' in the Dirt" group celebrate the rich history of the area, while tending to various gardens throughout the town. Presently, the group takes care of 32 allotted plots including the 1933 flagship – Templin Gardens and a collections garden of irises and peonies at Terry Fox Park.  

Since 1857, we have been dedicated to preserving the horticultural heritage of the town of Fergus, Ontario. The mandate of our society is the promotion of horticultural education. Our regular meetings and shows encourage the study of cultivation, propagation, and the principles of design, while sharing common interests and fellowship.  

Our floral emblem is a common weed found throughout Ontario. The Scotch Thistle has woody, branched stems with long, spine-edged wings running up the sides. It has numerous, large, bright violet to reddish flowers supported by large spine-tipped bracts. Woolly hairs cover large, irregularly-lobed leaves that have sharp yellow spikes. Mature plants can be up to 3m tall.  

Horticultural Societies began to form in the last century as branches of Agricultural Societies. In 1857, Fergus formed an Independent Agricultural Society, making it the first Agricultural (Horticultural) Society in the province. This was primarily due to the early work of one of the directors of the Highland and Agricultural Society, Adam Fergusson, a lawyer and agriculturist. Fergusson settled in Canada in 1833 and became actively involved in organizing agricultural societies. In 1897, an act of the provincial legislature was passed which supported Horticultural Societies in Ontario "to encourage citizens to beautify their communities as well as their properties".  

The Fergus Horticultual Society is affiliated with the Ontario Horticultural Association. The Association was formed in 1906. The Fergus Horticultural Society is subject to the Constitution of the OHA and the provisions of the Horticultural Societies Act, R.S.O. 1980, c.204. This organization gives guidance and support to all members.  

"Gardening is Canada's second most popular physical activity after walking. Gardening is much more than just taking the time to smell the roses and can be an excellent physical activity to keep you healthy. Just ask any gardener."  

Join us for Horticultural Fellowship 

Our society prides itself on our goal of "Education for All". Those with vast horticulture experience to those who are just starting a gardening plot, defines our society. Throughout the year, monthly speakers, plant sales and tours develop our horticultural knowledge within strong fellowship base. 

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Our meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month, except July, August, and December. We meet at the Victoria Park Centre (Map) at 7:30 p.m. Our monthly meetings begin in January and feature informative speakers.


DATE - 2018



January 17


Members Meeting, Phto Competition Display

February 21

Allan Kempert

The Truth about Bats

March 21

Brenda Sutherland

Heavenly Hellebores

April 18

Jim Tsujita

Management of Container Plants

May 16

Carolyn Crozier

Replacing Invasive Species with Native Plants on the Elora-Cataract Trailway

June 20

Phil Guenter

Dealing with Tree Pests & Diseases

September 19

Marie Paxton

The Value of Composting

October 17

Paul Kelly

Honey Bees


 Annual General Meeting 

The society holds it’s AGM and potluck dinner at the close of the garden season. This year’s AGM is November 21 at The Fergus Senior Centre at 6 pm. 

Contact Us 

Our president, Kathy Bouma would be pleased to answer all inquiries. Her email is kebouma@gmail.com



















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