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About Us

The London Fanshawe Horticultural Society has grown from 5 gardeners with a dream in 2003 to over 200 members in 2013. Together, we are growing our gardening knowledge, supporting community projects and having fun.

We are excited to share with you that we will be the hosts for the 2015 Spring Annual General Meeting for District 10 April 18, 2015 at the Greek Canadian Club in London


In 2003 five gardeners met at a local north London bagel shop for coffee and a chat. The group envisioned a North London Horticultural Society. During coffee they drew up a plan, consulted Jim Mabee (the Regional Director at that time) for advice, and started the paperwork necessary for setting up a society. The first meeting was held May 22, 2003 at a nearby school with 34 members in attendance. A slate of officers were elected and the society was up and running!

2008 - 5 YEARS!

In May 2008, the London Fanshawe Horticultural Society celebrated our first milestone - our 5th year anniversary. Our special day to celebrate the five years was May 15, 2008. The Society planned an ambitious program, complete with the traditional birthday cake. Joining us for that evening was special guest Denis Flanagan from Landscape Ontario, Anna Peterson and Jim Mabee, representatives from the OHA, as well as city representatives.

To commemorate the anniversary a new society banner was designed and quilted by two board members. The banner, which showcases the society's official flower, the Jackmanii Clematis, measures 65 cm wide and 120 cm long. The two volunteers contributed over 100 hours of quilting time. On the reverse of the banner there are 180 green and beige "garden patches". Members who wished to purchase a patch for $10 had their names written on a green or beige patch as a memory of the celebration. All proceeds donated were used to purchase plants and shrubs for two elementary schools which were entered in the Communities in Blooms Competition.

Other activities included making scrapbooks and framed collages of photographs representing many of the society's horticultural activities of the last five years. Two special garden walks for the members were scheduled for June and July as well as a flower and photography show.

2013 - 10 YEARS!

May 16, 2013, the London Fanshawe Horticultural Society celebrated 10 years! James Graham, vice president of Ontario Horticultural Society had us laughing as he used humor to touch on aspects of vegetable and perennial gardening as well as roadsides and naturalizing.

Thanks to the hard work and lovely plants provided by our members, our Ninth Annual Plant Sale plant sale was a huge success.

Throughout the year, our enthusiastic volunteers once again planted the annuals in the 16 raised planter beds that surround Rotary Square at London's Covent Garden Market. They also supported ongoing projects maintaining the gardens at McCormick Home as well as the Salvation Army Adult Day Care.

October's meeting was shining with fun and creativity at our first Best Dressed Pumpkin and Squash Competition. Carson Arthur, popular HGTV Host & Celebrity Gardening Expert was our speaker, guiding us to Where to Spend Money Outside to Reap the Rewards of Investing in Your Home.

November's Annual General Meeting saw the hard work the Board's review of our Constitution and Bylaws draw to conclusion with the approval of the amendments. Carol Dunk, Past President of OHA was our speaker sharing "My Serendipitous Garden" presentation, highlighting the evolution of Carol's small garden and the challenges and triumphs that she faced along the way.

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