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Hort Happenings February 2018
by Anne Hill

Welcome to the start of the 2018 gardening year. We have passed the darkest days of the winter and spring is on the way! The “bee condo” which provides winter habitat for solitary bees in the Millennium Garden in Mount Albert has been looking very cozy covered in snow. Now the goldfinches are brightening up their colours in preparation for the breeding season and it’s time to start thinking about this year’s garden.  What worked well last year? What needs to be changed? After last year’s rainy season perhaps it’s time to add a bog garden!

Garden catalogues are available and can be ordered online. Vesey’s, Stokes and Dominion Seed are good companies. Always check the recommended sowing date for seeds; sowing them too soon can leave you with a lot of spindly seedlings long before it is time to take them outside!

With so much development around us there will be many new residents looking at the construction mess around their homes and dreaming of a beautiful backyard. Are you one of the people in East Gwillimbury planning a garden for the first time this year? As the construction equipment moves out and the mud is replaced with soil and sod you may have a lot of questions about what grows well here and how to get started. East Gwillimbury Gardeners is a friendly group of gardeners who have lots of information to help you. Feel free to ask us!

Container gardening can give you instant beauty for the first year and many vegetables grow well in pots. A cherry tomato plant in a pot will give you a fine crop of delicious tomatoes to pick on the run. Add a container of mixed greens and there’s an instant salad growing on the deck. You can even grow potatoes in pots. Don’t try to do everything at once. Develop a plan, even if your lot is very small. Look at the sun and shadow pattern on your lot. Do you have sun all day or are some parts of the yard in more shadow?   This is important information when you are choosing what to plant. Remember to consider the final size of any tree or shrub that you are interested in! As you begin to make plans for your garden try to include some habitat and food sources for birds, butterflies and bees. On Tuesday February 20th at 7:30 p.m. Pat de Valance will be the speaker at the East Gwillimbury Gardeners meeting; her topic is Go Wild – Make Your Garden a Habitat. Our meetings are always open and free to the public and we welcome new members. We meet the third Tuesday of the month from February to November at the Mount Albert Community Centre, 53 Main Street Mount Albert.   Our members come from all of East Gwillimbury and beyond and are happy to share their gardening knowledge.

For more information about our meetings, membership, or anything in this article, email us at eggardeners@gmail.com, call Anne at 905-478-8450, visit us at  www.eastgwillimburygardeners.com and find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/eastgwillimburygardeners





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