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East Gwillimbury Gardeners

Our next meeting;

Tuesday August 21st, 7:30 p.m., Mount Albert Community Centre

Special workshops meeting

 Everybody is welcome. Free admission


What's new?

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     Are you interested in joining a group of friendly folk with grass-stained knees and dirt under their fingernails? 

 Then our group is for you!


EG in Blooms Winners, 2018 edition 


Our members enjoy many benefits, including:

- Learn down-to-earth garden tips and green-thumb wisdom

- Get the inside scoop on what's new in gardening

- Play a part in beautifying East Gwillimbury

- Receive our award winning Over the Garden Fence newsletter chock full of gardening advice, garden-related events, recipes, gardening trends and so much more.

- Participate in flower shows and enjoy free informal workshops on floral design and other topics of interest

- Take part in photography competitions

- Get our current yearbook, loaded with hints on how to enter flower shows

- Receive discounts at several local nurseries         

- Socialize with gardening friends from East Gwillimbury and beyond.


A New tree at Birchard Parkette
by Anne Hill

Ginko at Birchard We have added a beautiful new ginkgo tree  to the Birchard Parkette in Mount Albert in memory of Tina and Tom Forrester who died this year in a tragic car accident. Tina was a past president of EG Gardeners and loved the community gardens where she often worked. A commemorative plaque will be added in the fall. Thank you to the Town of East Gwillimbury horticultural crew for planting the tree for us.


Last Updated: 2018-07-23