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     Are you interested in joining a group of friendly folk with grass-stained knees and dirt under their fingernails? 

 Then our group is for you!

     Learn down-to-earth garden tips and green-thumb wisdom 

     Get the inside scoop on what's new in gardening

      Play a part in beautifying East Gwillimbury

      Receive our award winning Over the Garden Fence newsletter chock full of gardening advice, garden-

       related events, recipes, gardening trends and so much more.

       Participate in flower shows and enjoy free informal workshops on floral design and other topics of interest

       Take part in photography competitions

       Get our current yearbook, loaded with hints on how to enter flower shows

        Receive discounts at several local nurseries         

        Socialize with gardening friends from East Gwillimbury and beyond.


Hort Happenings November 2015
by Anne Hill

Who would expect to be engaged in a battle with a chittering creature weighting about 300g     (12 ounces)? At my house it’s been dangerous to go to the back of the garden while our resident red squirrel was stripping the walnuts off the tree and pitching them down to land on the shed roof with a crash or into the garden to be collected and stored in great piles in the shed. Filling the tiniest holes in the shed just meant that Little Red gnawed a hole around the door frame in his or her determination to be prepared for winter! The walnuts have now been removed fro

Last Updated: 2017-03-05