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by Willa Wick


“If you want something done – ask the busiest person first”.  How often have we heard that statement, yet strangely enough, it’s true. Consider all the societies, clubs, associations and groups in your own area – the same names appear overand over again.


In a small town there aren’t enough interested people for all the different organizations, and that’s why members get recycled.  A seasoned volunteer can keep momentum within the group, keep it stimulated, and keep the club rolling.


But eventually there’s a change.


Recently District 7 of the O.H.A. held the annual general meeting hosted by the Fergus Horticultural Society.  District Director Dorelene Anderson of Harriston chaired the meeting.


Five years ago, following the sudden resignation of the former Director, Anderson assumed the post to carry things ‘over the hump’ until a new person could be installed.  She had no intention of remaining for a full term!  During her 5 year tenure she has been a valuable resource for the 14 reporting societies from Clifford to Guelph, and as District Director she sat on the Provincial Board of the Ontario Horticultural Association.


During the annual meeting a new and more easily recognizable banner was presented.  The design was created by District 7 Secretary Laurel Strachan of the Elora-Salem Society.  Strachan fashioned the pattern using each society’s floral emblem.


Past District 10 Director Anna Peterson of St. Mary’s brought greetings from Peterborough’s OHA president John Sellers.  Peterson was judge of the Flower Show, and as well installed the 2013/14 slate of Officers.


Treasurer Kathy Bouma of the Fergus Horticultural Society presented the Financial Report.  Speakers for the day included Julie Kron of Fergus who gave a very informative talk on the little known Mason Bee.  District 10 Board member Roland Craig of Strathroy had an inspirational presentation on roses.


Supported by her husband of 50+ years who sat in the front row taking pictures, it was an emotional time for Anderson as she conducted the day’s business and then welcomed her successor, and handed over the gavel to Jane McDonald of Marden.





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Last Updated: 2018-05-03