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District: 4, Haliburton, Northumberland, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes

















District 4 consists of SEVENTEEN active societies encompassing Haliburton, Northumberland, Peterborough and City of Kawartha Lakes. 


There are societies in Bobcaygeon, Brighton, Campbellford, Coboconk, Cobourg, Cramahe, Ennismore, Fenelon Falls, Grafton, Lakefield, Lindsay, Minden, Omemee, Norland, Norwood, Peterborough and Port Hope.



Please join us for one of our meetings by checking under societies for the dates and locations. Our District events ae listed below.


April 01, 2017 - District 4 AGM, hosted by Fenelon Falls H.S. at the Senior Citizens' Club, Fenelon Falls

June 21, 2017 - June Celebration Event - Naval Club, Peterborough - Morning Workshop 9:30 - 11a.m. - Theme "Our 150th Birthday" Social time 11:30 a.m. - Noon, Lunch 12:30 to 1:00 p.m., speaker 1:00 - 2:00 pm, presentation of district awards, close of silent auction (you are welcome to bring donations for this)

OHA Convention - Hosted by District 5 at the Sheraton Parkway North Hotel in Richmond Hill - July 21 - 23, 2017 "Green From Shore to Shore"

October 28, 2017 - Fall Seminar - Hosted By Lindsay & District at the Dunsford Community Centre, Dunsford


 Contact info below:



Contact Us

Dianne Westlake

1189 Greencrest Dr

Peterborough, Ontario

K9J 8K9

email: district4@gardenontario.org



Bev Silk - Secretary


Lesley Hollick - Treasurer


Carol Mitchell


Dennis Miluck


Pam Chellew




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Annual Reporting for Horticultural Societies

OHA Annual Report for Societies:
There are 2 ways to complete the OHA Report: 1) on-line (Click here for instructions.  Click here for an instructional videoFiling the report in this way will save postage and effort.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation.) 2) request a form (.doc) (.pdf) from your District Director.
Volunteer Hours Form:
There are 2 ways to complete the OHA Volunteer Hours Form: 1) on-line (Click here for an instructional videoFiling the report in this way will save postage and effort.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation.) 2) request a form (.doc) (.pdf) from your District Director.

 Please look under Resouces on the main page for the new Awards and Grants Booklet. Use the links provided for access to the forms required.
OHA In Memoriam donation form (pdf)
This form is used by Societies and individuals to make a donation to the OHA in memory of someone. Names are recorded in the OHA's "In Memoriam" Book.  
Special Project Application Form (.pdf) (.doc)
The OHA provides financial support for selected society planting projects as funds allow. Download this form and complete it for mailing.
Community Vegetable Garden Description and Application (Description) (Application)
The OHA provides financial support for a selected society for communtiy vegetable gardens as funds allow. Please see the  description document and complete the application for mailing. It is due to your District Director by Feb. 15, 2014 
OHA $200 Tree Grant
After January 1 each year, send a letter to the OHA awards coordinator in order to apply for this grant. Use this form.  awards@gardenontario.org
 Speaker registration form
Use this form to register as a speaker.

Judges' Application to Join the OHA Judges' List      

Application form:  for a judge to be listed on the OHA judges list. This form has been revised as of January 2014 and is good until January 2017.(pdf)

Judges Registrar: 

Judges' School and Updates:

OHA Supplies Order Forms: 

          The Supplies order form has been uploaded in both word and pdf format. 

          Supplies Order Form (doc) (pdf



The following is a District 4 Award:


HAZEL WILSON CENTENNIAL AWARD- Created by our District 4

The Award is for meritorious service to horticulture within District Four to a person with at least fifteen years total service in at least three areas (minimum three years in each) including but not limited to: 

·                         Executive Officer of a society

·                         Director or Executive Officer of the district

·                         horticultural judge

·                         Master Gardener

·                         speaker and/or workshop presenter 

·                         consistent donor

·                         grower

·                         other

This award does not have to be presented each year. 

The award is a Hoselton sculpture of a maple leaf on a piece of marble.  There is a small replica for the person receiving the award to keep for their own.  They also take home the large award for the year it is presented and it is returned to present it to the new recipient if there are nominations. Otherwise at the end of the year it will be retuned to the District Director.


 There is also a District 4 Membership Increase Trophy awarded each year to the society that has the highest percentage increase of new members year over year.



These are awards that have been presented for some of the more recent years. If you can provide information on any earlier please contact your District Director to let her know.



1992 – Society Service Awards – Rotha Bryant, Norland; ElizabeCarrell, Jean Lacey, Lynn Hancock, Minden;

                                                Mary Stockdale, Eileen O’Neill, Bobcaygeon


 1995 – District Service Award – Rotha Bryant - Norland

           – Environmental Award – Kawartha Heights P.S., Peterborough

           – Society Service Award – Mel McMahon, Port Hope


2002 – OHA Silver Medal – Hazel Wilson


2003 – District Service Award – Bev. Silk – Grafton


2004 – District Service Award - Muriel Flagler – Bobcaygeon

          – District Appreciation Award Certificate – Mina Clappison – Cobourg

          – District Appreciation Award Certificate – Rosella Moore


2006 – Hazel Wilson Award – Hazel Wilson


2007 – Hazel Wilson Award – Not awarded


2008 – Hazel Wilson Award – Muriel Flagler, Bobcaygeon


2009 – OHA Silver Medal - Beryl Harris, Lakefield & District

        – OHA Environmental Award – Cathy Dueck

        – Hazel Wilson Award – Beryl Harris – Lakefield & District


 2010 – Hazel Wilson Award - Norma Evans - Omemee

         – District Service Award - John Sellers - Cramahe

         – District Appreciation Awards:  Lenna Broatch, Muriel Flagler, Beryl Harris, Diane Hearse, Anne Milne, Carol Mitchell, 

           Rose Odell, Bev. Silk, Rodger Smith, Dianne & Gary Westlake, – for their contribution to a successful convention

         – Recognition Award – Bench – Hazel Wilson, Peterborough Ecology Park,

         – Youth Grant Award – Grafton


2011 – Hazel Wilson Award – John Sellers – Cramahe

        – District Appreciation Award – John Sellers – Cramahe

        – Youth Grant Award – Bobcaygeon


 2012 – Hazel Wilson Award – Margaret Goode – Lakefield & District

         – Youth Grant Award – Cobourg

         – Society Service Certificate – Norma Evans – Omemee & District


2013  – Hazel Wilson Award -Mike & Eileen Dean - Lakefield & District

         – Membership Increase Trophy – Minden 

         – Youth Grant Award – Omemee

         – Society Service Certificate – Nancy Garbutt – Minden

         – Life Member award (from society} Ellen Trepanier – Minden


2014 – Hazel Wilson Award- Ferne DeBaeremaeker – Norwood

        – District Service Award – Rosella Moore – Lindsay

        – Membership Increase Trophy – Lakefield

        – Youth Grant Award – Minden

        – Recognition Award – Sundial – Lakefield – Beryl Harris


 2015 – Hazel Wilson Award – Glenn & Lois Bennett – Campbellford

         – District Service Award – Pam Chellew – Lakefield

         – Membership Increase Trophy – Ennismore

         – Youth Grant Award – Ennismore

         – Recognition Award – a Serviceberry Tree planted in Castleton to honour John Sellers


2016 – Hazel Wilson Award – Bev Silk – Grafton

        – District Service Award – Dorothy Smith – Lakefield & District

        – Membership Increase Trophy – Fenelon Falls

        – Youth Grant Award -









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