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Ideas to Grow Your Membership
by Jeff Blackader, D2 Director




  • Bring in special speakers. Have a discounted admission price for members and higher admission for non-members.

  • Apply any visitor fee toward the membership fee if the visitor joins.

  • Encourage members to bring a friend, have a draw for new and old members.

  • Distribute brochures and flyers at community events, libraries, stores and garden centres;

  • Encourage members to invite friends, family and work colleagues to meetings, sales and shows.

  • Conduct a door to door membership drive. Deep River Horticultural Society does this and has a very high rate of membership in their village.

  • Keep in touch with members via e-mail. Most new members have e-mail. Remind them of meetings and other events so that they are encouraged to take part.

  • Have discounts for members, like at plant sales. Spending money at the plant sale = a free membership.

  • Use name tags

  • Have meeting greeters. The greeters can help give out name tags.

  • Pair new & old members.

  • Identifying new members in some way so that other members can welcome them.

  • Survey membership to see what members want speakers, workshops etc.

  • Utilize groups such as Welcome Wagon, New Canadians etc.

  • Advertise in the local paper for new members and write articles about your speakers.

  • Have various contests such as photography and award prizes; free membership etc.

  • Allow new members to sign up at your plant sales and other events. Never refuse a membership due to a lack of forms or the time of year. Get the new member signed up right away.

  • At Society plant sales, have a flyer ready to give to the public with each sale.

  • Inform guests how to sign up as new members at each meeting, they may not be aware.

  • Make sure new members get an introduction letter telling them about the Society and inviting them to get involved. New members who feel welcome and know what's going on are more likely to renew. Invite new members to help at your plant sales, they are one of the best places to meet other members.

  • Send an e-mail or letter to lapsed members they may want to rejoin.

  • Find out what discounts you have with local garden centres. Make your members aware of them, list the discounts on the back of your membership cards.

  • Buy a new membership, give the membership amount back in free plants.
  • Interest photographers from other clubs in the photography competitions

  • Distribute 2 or 3 "1-meeting guest passes" with each annual membership card. Encourage members to give to friends or neighbours that have an interest in gardening.

  • Valentines Day special, offer 1/2 price membership.

  • Contact local radio station and have them announce meeting info - add to their events page on the website if available.

  • Membership drive - postal code analysis, plot on map and then target new areas with door to door or mail drives.

  • Door to door drive - get out in the fall when people are out raking.

  • Promote corporate memberships and corporate sponsors.

  • An annual draw for all members - provide prize for winner(s).

  • Float or participation in parades.

  • Submit articles in various newsletters that are available in your community (with taxes, mailers, local publications, utility bills, etc).

  • Letter drive - mail society info to all members that have left over the past few years, see if you can get them back.

  • Give out free membership as door prize at Garden Tour, or special events.

  • Promote the youth program.

  • Membership drive challenge within your district.

  • Take a few pamplets with you everywhere you go - always have them available to hand out. And bring them to the AGM - share them with other societies within your district.

  • Create book marks promoting society meeting times and upcoming events.

  • Talk to local real estate agents - they may be interested in purchasing memberships for their clients - or new builders.

Make the growth of membership a priority. Put together a plan, follow it up and you will see your Society membership grow!



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