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The Coldwater & District Garden Club

      Smile The Coldwater and District Horticultural Society was established in 1952 under the name of the Huronia Horticultural Society and gradually evolved into the Coldwater and District Horticultural Society or Coldwater Garden Club as it is known today. 

    We meet on the third Thursday of the month in the hall of St. Andrew's Church, 28 Gray St. in Coldwater. Our meetings start at 7 p.m. with coffee/tea and dessert. Please lug-a-mug. There is free parking available and the hall is accessible.


This is the remaining program for 2018

If you have something you can't identify or want information about how to grow bring it to the meeting with you.  We also have a green table where we place items for others to adopt.  However if they are still there after the meeting please take them back home with you.Smile


Oct. 18-Marni Wright-Pathways and Seating

Nov. 15--AGM Christmas Pot Luck and awards night.

As we did not hold a members flower show earlier this year we decided to designate something specific for you to bring for others to admire at each meeting.

For the October meeting bring seeds from your garden to exchange with other members. Old envelopes with windows in them are perfect for this as the seeds can be seen through that window.  If you don't have any use a small plastic bag instead.  Only members that bring seeds can exchange seeds.  If you have left over seed packages less than one year old you can also bring those.

for the November meeting bring a friend or neighbour 

Single memberships are only $10.00,

Family memberships are only $15. 



For more information 




This 'n That from Coldwater
by all that being sai

  Most of us are grateful for this brief interlude of cooler weather and some rain showers although there doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy the thirsty gardens in the area.  Here in Coldwater and District we are a bit more fortunate than in other parts of the province in that regard.  Many gardeners are now preparing for the winter as they fine tune their gardens by removing weeds and harmful insects that are looking to over winter there.  

     The Coldwater Fall Fair

Last Updated: 2018-10-18