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Co-Presidents:   Patricia Griesser (since 2017; VP 2015-2016; Director 2013-2014; )

                          Alison Cianciolo (since 2017; Secretary 2014-2016)   

Provide leadership and coordinate tasks. Chair the general club and board meetings.  Attend the OHA District meetings and the OHA annual Conventions.


Past President:  Edel Schmidt (President 2010-2014 & 2016; Director 2002-2009)    

Acts as a consultant for one year following presidency. 


Vice-President:  Manuela Neto  (VACANT as of January 2018)

Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.  Chairs or participates in at least one committee to acquire a thorough understanding of the Club’s activities, while in training for presidency.


Secretary:  Elaine dos Santos  (since 2017; VP 2013-2014; Director 2016-2017)

Attends all meetings of the Club. Records and circulates minutes of Board meetings.  Keeps a record of non-financial business transactions. This position is appointed by the Board of Directors.


Treasurer JoAnn Drennan (since 2010; Director 2008-2017)   (JoAnn seeks new Treasurer)

Handles receipts and disbursements of monies and makes bank deposits. Keeps proper financial books. Presents a financial update at each Board meeting. Completes the annual budget, financial reports and files annual reports required under by the OHA.

This position is appointed by the Board of Directors.


Directors:  (new members welcome as Directors) 

Directors attend the Board meetings, help out at the general club meetings, and are active in one or more Committees. 

Christina Woodward  (since 2014)

Christine Fry              (since 2010) 

Jeanne McRight         (since 2017)

Raluca Popov             (since 2016)

Sheila Susini              (since 2016)


Financial Reviewer(s):  (VACANT)

Examines the Club's financial records in January, in preparation for the Annual General Meeting.



Committees are headed by a Chairperson or Co-Chairpersons and committees include additional club members. 

Each Committee is responsible for providing updates to the President and Secretary, at least a week prior to the Board meetings, and for communicating details of specific events and activities to the Newsletter Editor, Publicity and the Website Committees.


Awards & Recognition: (role of Chairperson is VACANT)

Produces the Club award certificates as identified by the President, for the President Awards and the Above and Beyond Award. This committee works with the Board to identify club members for awards at District and OHA levels.  


Bus Tour:  Manuela Neto (role of Chairperson is VACANT as of Sep. 2017)

Organizes an annual day trip for the members.


Communications Committee:  Manuela Neto

Sends out reminders via email about monthly meetings and the annual events (Plant Sale, Garden Tour and Bus Trip). Replies and/or forwards member and public inquiries.


Community Projects, Civic Programme and Outreach: (role of Chairperson is VACANT)

      Community Outreach          Rep:  Patricia Griesser 

      Bradley House                    Rep:  (VACANT; help needed to assist with the historic gardens)


Draw:  Gisela Rantucci & Silvana Jennison 

Runs the Draw at the general meetings, ensuring there are prizes through donations and/or purchases.


Flower Show: Liz Malicki and her team:  Florrie Abbess, Jean Bowman

The Chair oversees the operations of the Club’s flower shows, including set up, cleanup, point lists, arranging for judges, and producing the annual Show Schedules.


Garden Tour:  Sheila Susini and her team:

                       Christina Woodward, Jane Heaphy, Jennifer James, Laura Heberle, 

                        Manuela Neto, Stephanie Grant

Coordinates the planning and organization of the annual Garden Tour. Sees that the following are caried out: scouting of gardens, planning the route, producing the programme guide, liaison with participating homeowners, vendors and advertisers, scheduling garden sitters and other volunteers and overlooking all activities on the day of the tour.


Junior Programme:  Raluca Popov  (members needed to help Raluca)

Works with local public schools, assisting with teaching about gardening and helpintg students beautify their school property while developing a love of gardening. 


Membership:  Laura Heberle

Responsible for maintaining a current membership list, collecting annual dues, distribute the monthly newsletters (hardcopy version) and printing mailing labels for membership correspondence.


Member Greeter: (role of Chairperson is VACANT as of Jan. 2018) 

                             Team: Marian Dimech, Barry Lant (more members needed, to take turns)

Greets members and visitors at the monthly meetings, explains the format of the meeting and shows the facilities to new members and visitors.


Newsletter:  Bonnie Gul

Compiles the monthly newsletter from member contributions, in two versions (hardcopy and electronic copy in full colour and with lots more photos). Sends the hardcopy to the printers.


Nominating Committee:  President and Past-President and may include 1-2 Directors


Plant Sale:  Edel Schmidt & Patricia Griesser and their team 

                   (Silvana Jennison, Regina Gudelis + many helpers on the day of the sale)

Duties include obtaining permit for the chosen event location, ordering tables, coordinating plant donors, diggers, potters and the volunteers to help on the day of the sale. Includes organizing potting-up parties.

Patricia gathers items and runs the "Green" Elephant Sale.


Photographer:  Nancy Yakes 

Photographer at club meetings and official functions.


Premiums:  Edel Schmidt

Select and purchase premiums and distribute them for free to the membership at the September and October meetings.


Programme:  Patricia Griesser

Finds and schedules  guest speakers and introduces them at the club meetings.


Publicity:  (role of Chairperson is VACANT)

Publicizes Club events and Club meetings through free venues, such as newspapers, periodicals, and community websites. Most of the communication is done via email.


Social Convenors:  Sharon Kondrat & Mike Farion  

                              (members needed to bring in baked goods for the monthly meetings)

Prepares the coffee and tea pots at the general meetings, including the purchasing of supplies. 


Social Secretary:  Patricia Griesser

Sends get-well cards to members that are ill and sympathy cards and/or flowers to families of members who pass away, in accordance with the guidelines set in the club’s Bylaws.


Yearbook:  Christina Woodward (Christina is looking for co-chair)

Collects material from club members and compiles the yearbook.  Gets printing estimates and communicates with the selected printers to see that the copies of the yearbook are printed to the agreed upon specifications and format.


Website & Facebook & Twitter: Manuela Neto & Patricia Griesser

                             (role of webmaster  VACANT as of Jan. 2018)

Maintain the club's web pages, facebook and twitter postings.

Patricia looks after facebook, and posts reguwith regular posts.





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Last Updated: 2017-11-18