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Each year Cloverleaf members receive awards in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the club or to community service, relating to horticultural. 







Some of the distinct awards presented are:


Society President’s Award
Outstanding contribution to Club activities.
Above & Beyond at Cloverleaf
Outstanding contribution to Club activities of the past year.
Life Membership
Membership of 15 years or more and continued interest in horticulture and participation in Club programs.

Horticultural Service Certificate

Minimum of 10 years of active service on committees, civic improvements, public plantings or membership drives. Supported objectives of Horticultural Society.

District Service Certificate

Minimum of 15 years of effective horticultural service to a Society or District.

Award of Merit

Contribution to programs of the Association or a Society, such as a special beautification project, or outstanding work in the science or art of horticulture.


Horticultural Awards

Olga Alexander Judge's Award

In memory of her special love of gardening and design which Olga shared with all of us. Her judging pins are awarded each year to a judge who is a member of Cloverleaf and has attained the highest points of any judge in the Club in Design and Horticulture.  A book is also awarded with each of her pins.

Tom Aymer Awards for the Queens of the Garden

In memory of a long-time member, Past-President and horticulturist.

Awards are presented for Best Iris, Best Lily, Best Peony, Best Rose and Highest Points in Horticulture at the Standard Show (May or June). 

Chris Graham Award

Former head of horticulture at the RBG, in his memory for best Hosta in the September Flower Show.

Georgina Mentis Award

In memory and in honour of the creative spirit of Georgina Mentis, Cloverleaf has established an award for the Most Creative Floral Design in the September Flower Show with one of the latest books in Floral Design.

President's Awards

Best in Show in Design - June Show

Best in Show in Horticulture - June Show

Judge's Choice in Design - June Show

Judge's Choice in Horticulture - June Show

Cloverleaf Awards

Highest Points in Design annually

Highest Points in Horticulture annually


Last Updated: 2017-09-25