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Goal:  "To stimulate the interest of our children in gardening"

The Junior Programme emphasizes cooperative learning as students experience nature’s beauty and meaningful place in their lives through learning with peers about the magic spell of gardening.  

Behind the scenes, volunteer members diligently work with teachers and youngsters at local elementary schools, promoting the passion and fun of gardening.  





In 2001, the Junior Programme, under Diana Stevens-Guille, involved the children at Owenwood Public School.  One of the projects was to plant the beds at the school entrance. 

In the spring of 2003, the front gardens at Mineola Public School were given a complete ‘face-lift’ under the design and direction of Kimberlay Oly.  The beds were completely redesigned, the soil was amended and donated plant material was lovingly planted, watered and weeded by dedicated students, parents and teachers.  In the spring, the 200 tulip bulbs provided by Cloverleaf raise their regal heads in an amazing display of yellow, purple, red and white.  Many individuals who enter the school come under the magical influence of the garden which energizes, motivates and inspires.  To quote the school’s Principal, Mrs. N. Weinman, “Our entrance is now a beautiful, living, growing symbol of a school community that works together successfully to make dreams a reality.”  (Mineola Public School Newsletter – June 3, 2003).

In 2004, Mineola Public School celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  The wild idea of a commemorative shade garden became a reality with the support of the Cloverleaf Junior Programme along with the Mineola student council, Principal Mrs. Sossi Grant and a grant approved by The Evergreen Foundation.  Located near the north playground, the shade garden became a new home for native trees and shrubs such as the white pine, ironwood, eastern redbud, witch hazel and St. John’s wort.  In October 2004, during many lunch hours, you would see a dedicated group of volunteer students from the Environmental Club with wheel barrels and recycling boxes preparing and nurturing the site in anticipation of the day Mayor Hazel McCallion would arrive to partake in the ribbon cutting ceremony.   (Schoolscapes – Booster, June2 and October 27, 2004).

Today, education emphasizes cooperative learning over competition.  The Junior Programme facilitates such learning as students experience nature’s beauty and meaningful place in their lives through learning with peers about the magic spell of gardening. 

For more information or to volunteer in the Junior Program, please email Raluca or Edel

Last Updated: 2018-01-15