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Cloverleaf meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm, with the exception of July, August and December. 

Most meetings feature a key speaker and is followed by a judged flower show and refreshments.  There is also a draw for prizes that generally consist of plants and/or gardening accessories. 

The Annual General Meeting and the annual pot-luck dinner are held in January, when the election of new officers takes place. 

Meeting Location:                                                      

      Mississauga Seniors' Centre                                    

      1389 Cawthra Rd., Mississauga  (between South Service Rd. & Atwater Ave.)              

Annual Membership Fees (valid from January to December):

       $18 Single, $30 Family

       $15 Senior (65+), $25 Senior Family

       Guests and visitors  -  $5 for the evening

The following is a list of our monthly meetings, shown in reverse chronological order. 

Wed. April 19, 2017 Meeting:   

Topic “Hungry Bugs and Animals" with Jennifer Mark of Sheridan Nurseries

Jennifer was trained at Guelph University in Agriculture and at Humber College in Landscape Technology, with over 23 years in the local commercial nursery business. Jennifer works at Sheridan Nurseries on Southdown Road. She is a resident of Clarkson and has presented at several garden clubs and horticultural societies including our club last March.


Wed. March 15, 2017 Meeting:  

Topic “Gardening for Birds" with Melissa Creasey of Credit Valley Conservation

Melissa Creasey has worked at Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) since 2013 and is an urban landowner outreach program assistant. Her work at CVC encourages the use of ecological landscape practices to create healthy and sustainable landscapes in urban areas. Melissa received an honours B.Sc. from Memorial University and a M.Sc. from Trent University where she focused on avian conservation in disturbed landscapes. 


Wed. February 15, 2017 Meeting:    

Topic  " What’s New at the Toronto Botanical Garden" with Harry Jongerden

Harry Jongerden has been a professional gardener, garden designer and garden director for 35 years. He is currently Executive Director of Toronto Botanical Garden, having held the posts of Garden Director at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, Head of Horticulture at Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario and Head Gardener at the Stratford Festival.

He is the author of “This Other Eden” and designer of the Walkerton Heritage Water Garden and Stratford’s Elizabethan Garden. He is the current Chair of the Ontario Garden Tourism Coalition.


Wed. January 18, 2017 Meeting:  

Pot Luck Social, Annual General Meeting & Awards.

Guests and non-members are welcome ($5 fee + pot luck contribution).

There will be no flower show at this meeting.


2016 HOLIDAY SEASON Break   (no meeting in December)  


Wed. November 16, 2016 Meeting & Bake Sale:    

Topic  "Sowing and Saving Native Seeds - More than Food for Pollinators" with Jacob Kearey-Moreland

Jacob, “The People’s Gardener” (Now Magazine Toronto) grew up and grows on a farm near Orillia, Ontario. He was recently celebrated as #7 top environmentalists under 25 in Canada, for his reputation in the gardening in food movement, as well as his work establishing community gardens and public access seed libraries.

He cultivates and is a founding participant of Orillia Community Gardens, the Orillia Seed Library, Orillia Food Council, the Toronto Seed Library and the Port Credit Seed Lending Library. Jacob is a founding and current board member for the new Non-Profit organization called The Seed Library Commons which exists to promote seed literacy or “literaseed”, inspire, network and support free public access seed collections inside public libraries, schools and other public spaces. Jacob is unabashedly pro-peas and rooted in SOILidarity; envisioning a world free of hunger, poverty and war through the progressive realization of human rights, in particular the right to food and a healthy environment.


Wed. October 19, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic: "Plants in Jeopardy" with Kevin Kavanagh of South Coast Gardens

The presentation covers a variety of perennials and choice woody companion plants and includes topics like propagation and division of perennials, winter protection for broad-leaved evergreens, fall clean-up priorities.  Throughout the presentation, interesting botanical facts will be introduced, in true Jeopardy fashion, by providing an answer to which the audience then gets to figure out the question. Time to get your botanical game on!! 

Kevin Kavanagh is the owner of South Coast Gardens, a small specialty nursery and landscape design business launched in 2005 in heart of Ontario’s ‘Carolinian zone’.  

Kevin has spent most of his professional career in the field of biodiversity conservation working most recently for The Nature Conservancy of Canada and prior to that for 15 years with World Wildlife Fund Canada. He continues to undertake conservation work and is currently engaged in assessments of Anthracnose fungi on native populations of Eastern Flowering Dogwood and Blight on American Chestnut.


Wed. September 15, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic:  "Native Plants for Sun/Shade" with “Melanie Kramer of Credit Valley Conservation” 

As the Program Coordinator of Residential Outreach for Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), Melanie Kramer promotes the beauty and value of ecological landscaping in the home landscape. Through CVC's Your Green Yard program, Melanie draws on her team’s experience researching, planting and maintaining demonstration gardens, as well as CVC’s natural heritage studies, and her own experience working as a landscape designer.  Melanie has experience working as a landscape designer with Moriyama and Teshima, a renowned architecture and landscape firm in Toronto, as well as Master degrees in both Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies. Her vision is to see all home gardens and landscapes include beautiful, locally native plants.


SUMMER BREAK (No meetings during July and August 2016) 


Wed. June 15, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic:  “Annuals for the Garden” with June Vaillancourt of Springbank Greenhouses

For three generations, the Tyrrell family has been growing annuals in Mississauga at the same location since 1956.  June Vaillancourt started working for her Dad 34 years ago.  She attended Guelph University from which she graduated in 1988 with a BSc in Agriculture.  The family is proud to have multiple generations of customers who keep coming back to Springbank Greenhouses…for their friendly, knowledgeable advice and their outstanding selection of healthy, top quality plants.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner who doesn’t know where to start or a veritable ‘green thumb’, you will find their tip sheets helpful which you can pick up when you visit them at their location.

Springbank Greenhouses has a huge selection of hanging baskets and container gardens already planted for you!


Wed. May 18, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic - “France - Visions of Beauty” with Elizabeth Schleicher 

Elizabeth is an accredited Garden Clubs of Ontario judge of horticulture and design. Her passion for roses inspired her to become an accredited CRS rose judge.

She is past president of the Canadian Rose Society and her local club, the Hamilton and Burlington Rose Society.

Currently Elizabeth is Flower Show Chair for Burlington Horticultural Society and an active member in numerous other societies including Secretary for the Garden Clubs Of Ontario Judges’ Council.

In her free time she enjoys gardening, travel and hobbies, which include photography and jewellery crafts. 


Wed. April 20, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic -“ Raised Bed Gardening” with Tara Nolan

Tara will speak about raised bed gardening which is the fastest-growing garden strategy today. Her talk will include information about size requirements for constructing raised beds, height suggestions, types of materials you can use, and creative tips for fitting the maximum garden capacity into small spaces--including vertical gardening.

Tara Nola is a freelance writer, editor and digital consultant with a diverse publishing background. She is a proud co-founder of Savvy Gardening and a member of the Garden Writers Association. For over six years, Tara was the web editor of, where she won a Canadian Online Publishing Award for the Seed to Supper newsletter. She loves to write about travel, gardening, décor, health and fitness for print and online publications. If Tara is not writing, you'll find her in the garden, mountain biking or making things. Her first book, Raised Bed Revolution, will be published in May, 2016.


Wed. March 16, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic -“Orchids – Show and Tell” with Jennifer Mark

Jennifer, who works at Sheridan Nurseries on Southdown Road, is passionate about tropicals. One of her favourites are orchids, a wonderful family of plants which give such pleasure especially in the winter months. Jennifer will present a hands-on outline of general orchid care, highlighting the need for sunlight, moisture, repotting and fertilizer.

Jennifer trained at Guelph University in Agriculture and at Humber College in Landscape Technology, with over 23 years in the local commercial nursery business. She is a resident of Clarkson and has presented at several garden clubs and horticultural societies. Jennifer will be bringing several orchids to the meeting for sale, so make sure you bring some cash with you.


Wed. February 17, 2016 Meeting:    

Topic -“The Concepts of Bonsai” with Mike Roussel

Mike has been growing bonsai for close to 25 years. He studied Fine Art at the University of Guelph and was president of the Toronto Bonsai Society from 2009 – 2011. He ran an “Introduction to Bonsai” class for the past two years at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center and is a regular speaker at the Toronto club as well as other bonsai and horticultural clubs throughout the GTA.

Mike enjoys sharing his passion for bonsai art and horticulture with others and maintains an extensive collection of bonsai at his home. 

Wed. January 20, 2016 Meeting:  

Pot Luck Social, Annual General Meeting & Awards.

Guests and non-members are welcome ($5 fee + pot luck contribution).

There will be no flower show at this meeting.

2015 HOLIDAY SEASON Break   (no meeting in December)  

Wed. November 18, 2015 Meeting:    

Topic –  “Gesneriads” with Judy Zinni

Judy Zinni is an avid gardener who delights in growing all sorts of different plants. She particularly enjoys growing perennials and lilies in her zone 6 garden in Mississauga, and growing African violets and gesneriads under lights in her home. She also takes great pleasure in creating floral designs to grace her home and those of her friends, and entering into flower show competitions.

Judy is an accredited judge of floral design, horticulture, roses and gesneriads, and is currently a member of eighteen different gardening-based interest groups.

What do violets, goldfish and lipstick have in common? They're all common names of plants in the gesneriad family. African violets (Saintpaulia) are well known to everyone; the goldfish plant is botanically Columnea, and the lipstick plant is Aeschynanthus. Of course, there are hundreds more genera from which to choose that have lovely blooms or fascinating foliage. Plants in the gesneriad family are beautiful specimens for your home, and almost all of them are easy to grow and propagate. Judy will speak to us about growing, propagating, and showing these interesting houseplants.

Wed. October 21, 2015 Meeting:  

Topic –  “Fall Colour in the Garden” with Heinke Thiessen

Heinke Thiessen is known to many members due to her extensive horticultural and flower show efforts in the area.

Heinke operates Perennial Pleasures Landscape Design, which specializes in perennial garden design, rejuvenation and maintenance, as well as unique seasonal containers.

Heinke has taught in the Horticultural Program in the Continuing Education Department at Sheridan College in Oakville since 1998. She is co-President of Credit Valley Horticultural Society, a Horticultural Judge accredited by the Royal Botanical Gardens, a student in the current School of Floral Design Judging sponsored by the Garden Clubs of Ontario, a founding member of Mississauga Master Gardeners, and a member of Landscape Ontario, the Perennial Plant Association and the Ontario Hosta Society. She was also a member of the Flower Show Committee for many years for Successful Gardening.

Her garden has been featured in Ontario Gardener magazine and on several garden tours. Heinke has lectured and given workshops on many gardening topic 

Wed. September 16, 2015 Meeting:

Topic –  “Low Maintenance Perennial Food Gardening” with Ben ScavuzzoBen Scavuzzo shows his passion for sustainable food systems in many ways. Having interned on a certified organic farm in Owen Sound, he integrates his knowledge at every opportunity. On his free time, Ben has planted perennial food crops throughout the woods around his cottage. Whenever possible, Ben shares this education with everyone willing to learn through conversation, his farmer's market stand, educational presentations, and his profession.

Ben is the Operations Manager at Organics Live and is the local owner here in Port Credit. This business delivers certified organic produce directly to the doorstep; with an emphasis on reducing waste, lowering the cost of healthy food for consumers, and providing small farms with a means to sell their goods at fair prices. This position offers a great vantage point of the many challenges affecting our food system, along with the knowledge of the abundant solutions available to Canadians.

Ben's talk this September will be Low Maintenance Perennial Food Gardening. We will discuss hardy plants that will provide tasty treats for your family for many years. The focus will be on plants that require little attention, while still providing robust crops for a long time. We will also be covering tips & tricks for all gardeners, sustainable agricultural practices, native plant species, food foresting, permaculture, and small ways that we can all help create long term food security in Canada and throughout the world. 


SUMMER BREAK (There are no meetings during July and August 2015) 

Wed. June 17, 2015 Meeting:

Topic –  “From Snapshot to Great Shot: Explorations in Garden and Flower Photography” with Marilyn Cornwell

Find out the tips and techniques of floral and garden photography and enjoy photographs of beautiful flowers and wonderful gardens along the way. The emphasis is on the techniques for great floral and garden compositions rather than technical aspects of cameras and equipment. Learn the techniques by touring public and private gardens that are designed well. In these gardens a good image becomes much clearer to the average person. Gardens include Longwood Gardens, Chanticleer, Hortulus Farm, Spindletree Gardens and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Finally we will look at private and residential gardens and how to take great shots there.

Marilyn Cornwell is a gardener and photographer living in Grimsby Ontario, in the heart of Niagara Wine Country. She spent the last thirty years in the world of IT and management consulting. In 2008, she started her second career as a garden photographer. Her main activities are gardening and photography.

Marilyn’s work is about colour, pattern, and line. She recently exhibited her work at the Toronto Botanical Gardens where her series "Marvelling the Mushroom" drew great interest. Her abstract work takes the everyday decays all around us – peeling paint, rust, and scraps and turns these seemingly insignificant patterns into abstract art. See her work at

Wed. May 20, 2015 Meeting: 

Topic –  “Taming Wildflowers” with Miriam Goldberger

Miriam Goldberger began growing wildflowers and fell madly in love with the beauty and practicality that native plants bring to our lives. A flower farmer since 1986, Miriam has seeded, planted, nurtured, harvested and created floral designs with thousands of wildflowers.

As an expert in organic and sustainable gardening, Miriam is on intimate terms with the easy steps gardeners and flower lovers can take to create beautiful, diverse and sustainable landscapes. She is the founder and co-owner of Wildflower Farm, a 100 acre wildflower seed production company near Coldwater, Ontario. The wildflower gardens and meadows thrive without irrigation or pesticides and are a pollinators’ paradise.

Miriam’s new book, Taming Wildflowers, is a unique wildflower guide loaded with hundreds of lush, full-colour photos and includes easy ways to grow wildflowers from seed, identify seedlings, design a wildflower cutting garden, incorporate wildflowers into traditional borders, community gardens or a home vegetable garden, harvest fresh wildflowers, dry wildflowers, create wildflower floral arrangements and design your very own DIY wildflower wedding.

Wed. April 15, 2015 Meeting: 

Topic –  “New Zealand - A Horticultural Wonderland” with Liz Maliki

Liz is a horticultural enthusiast who has had a relationship with plants all her life and is devoted to rhododendrons and their companion plants. She has won several prizes for her own garden, including the 2013 Streetscape Mississauga Garden of the Year. Liz has been a member of the Cloverleaf Garden Club for over a decade, and is a founding member of the Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Stewardship Committee where she was an active contributor to the BRG Vision / Mission / Garden Design Concept Guidelines and to the planning, implementing and maintaining of new beds.

In November, 2014, club member Liz and her husband travelled to New Zealand for two reasons - to experience the southern sky and see the rhododendrons in bloom. As a result of this trip, Liz discovered that New Zealand has so much to offer horticulturally. It is a botanical paradise that totally astounded her - no pictures or words can fully capture the magnitude of what she has seen.  

During this presentation, Liz will take you on a visit to a few private gardens and public spaces that are outstanding in design and horticultural content. She will identify the plants that captured her attention and explain the reason. There will also be some discussion on the reasons for the successful growth of rhododendrons, as well as the challenges and diversity on islands that are located on the opposite side of our globe.

Wed. March 18, 2015 Meeting: 

Topic –  “Bee-utifying your garden: how and why to make your garden pollinator-friendly” with Melanie Wolicki

A biologist by training, Melanie completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Toronto’s Joseph L. Rotman School of Management in 2012 and is working toward completing her Certified General Accountant (CGA) designation. An avid hobby beekeeper since 2008, Melanie is passionate about urban beekeeping and pollinator health issues. Melanie and her partner Jared currently manage six hives in Kleinburg, including three on behalf of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Wed. February 18, 2015 Meeting:

Topic – “One Million Tree Challenge” with Jamie Ferguson

Woodlands & Natural Areas Technician, Forestry

This program will help green our city and create a great environmental legacy. Trees will be planted by City staff, partners and volunteers on public property, as well as by individuals, community groups, students, organizations and businesses throughout Mississauga on private land. In Mississauga, there are 2.1 million trees on both public and private lands. Let’s add one million more over the next 20 years.  

Wed. January 16, 2015 Meeting:  

Pot Luck Social, Annual General Meeting & Awards.

Guests and non-members are welcome.

There will be no flower show at this meeting.


2014 HOLIDAY SEASON Break (no meeting in December)

Wed. November 19, 2014 Meeting:

Topic: "Herbal Harvests" with Glenn Brunetti

Glenn Brunetti is a professional herb and food educator – having developed and presented hundreds of programs for audiences across Ontario and the U.S. including the Royal Botanical Gardens, Mohawk College, The Hamilton Spectator, First Canada Place and other venues.  Glenn has been in demand as a speaker, food demonstrator and guest with various media outlets promoting the growing and using of herbs and different cuisines.

Even in November, many herbs can continue to be harvested from the garden.  Beyond what herbs remain in the garden, this presentation will share harvesting information about a variety of common and uncommon herbs and how they are harvested and preserved.  This includes understanding what herbs are best dried versus other preservation options – freezing, preserving in salt, sugar, oil, vinegars, etc.  Many ideas will give you ideas for potential holiday gifts or just help you build a wish list of plant candidates for your 2015 garden.

Wed. October 15, 2014 Meeting:   

Topic: "Succeeding with Rhododendrons and Azaleas in Southern Ontario" with Kevin Kavanah

“Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning” are the well know lyrics of a song made famous by Al Jolson in 1947. For those who have spent time strolling through gardens on a spring day in the Carolina’s, memories of lush botanical landscapes often filled with drifts of azaleas and rhododendrons may come to mind.

In southern Ontario, gardeners have the opportunity to add a southern accent to their own garden landscapes thanks, in part, to recent breeding and selection for hardier cultivars of this well-known plant group. Nestled along the shoreline of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, South Coast Gardens is a small specialty nursery and landscape design business where, for the past 9 years, display gardens have incorporated a diversity of southern plants including about 250 azaleas and rhododendrons.

Owner Kevin Kavanagh has been assessing their performance for the southern Ontario landscape and will highlight their cultural requirements, techniques for winter protection and some of the best performers to date that invariably capture the attention of visitors to the gardens. 

Wed. September 17, 2014 Meeting: 

Topic: "Is Your Garden Ready for Winter?" with Martha Kantorczyk

Fall is almost here which means winter is not far behind. Do you wonder about pruning, when & how to plant spring bulbs and how to wrap tree trunks for winter protection? Get the answers from our expert to these and many more questions to prepare your garden for next Spring.

Join Mississauga Master Gardener Martha Kantorczyk and learn the tips and techniques for preparing your lawn and perennials for their winter dormancy. The work you do in your lawn and garden in the fall will pay off in a healthier and more successful spring garden! 

Martha is a member of the Mississauga Master Gardeners as well as Applewood Garden Club, has been gardening locally for many years. She enjoys leading a weekly volunteer garden team at Riverwood's Chappell House that create and maintain the beautiful flower containers that embellish the gardens throughout the year.


SUMMER BREAK (There are no meetings during July and August 2014) 

Wed. June 18, 2014 Meeting: 

Topic: “Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t” with Steven Biggs

So you didn’t think you could grow figs beyond where they're winter hardy?  Well you can—and you don’t need a greenhouse to do it. Fig trees are actually very forgiving plants that will take a lot of abuse. Steven is a self-described Fig-Pig who grows fig trees in Toronto. If you want the simple truth about growing a crop of figs at home—and want to know how to propagate your own fig trees—this talk is for you.  Steven has also published a book with the same title.

Steven is a journalist and author specializing in gardening, farming, and food production.  Along with studying horticultural science at the University of Guelph, he has worked in greenhouse and nursery production, plant propagation, biological controls, horticultural supplies, and farm marketing.   

Wed. May 21, 2014 Meeting: 

Topic: “Defining and Designing an Outdoor Garden Room” with Celia Alida Rutte

This presentation is an elaborate visual presentation that walks you through the process of creating a room in a garden. It promises to be informative and entertaining with lots of design tips, photos, floor plans, sketches and a healthy dose of humour.

Celia is the founder and principal designer of Design for Conscious Living, a landscaping and interior design company that works primarily with residential clients. She made her start in the decorating and design industry over 12 years ago when she purchased and flipped a home in Halifax Nova Scotia. She is an accredited member of the Canadian Decorator’s Association, and currently a guest expert on Cityline—the popular morning show hosted by Tracy Moore on City TV.

Wed. April 16, 2014 Meeting: 

Topic: “Honey Bees: What’s causing their decline and how that affects you” with Paul Kelly

For the past seven years honey bee colonies have experienced unusual mortality rates. Paul Kelly’s research team at the University of Guelph has studied this problem in Ontario and has found that although bees face many challenges with land use change, climate change and pesticide use the most important factor is the parasitic mite, ‘varroa destructor’. There is hope for bees with new beekeeping methods and the support of advocates and consumers.

Paul has managed the University of Guelph, Honey Bee Research Centre for the past twenty six years.

Wed. March 19, 2014 Meeting: 

Topic: “Balcony and Terrace Container Gardening” with Elizabeth Stewart

Growing up on the farm in Saskatchewan, Elizabeth Stewart considered 'gardening' a hateful word, since it meant hours of dusty, backbreaking, hoeing, weeding and harvesting the vegetable garden in the blazing sun. To her surprise, many years later in Toronto, she found herself living in a funky, rented, Queen Street West studio in a renovated factory building - with a garden! More specifically, a series of 80 feet of shady terraced beds rising steeply skyward from a basement walkout.

Over the next several years, she graduated from petunias to polyanthus and from an avowed non-gardener to an addict, with more books on gardening than the Toronto Reference Library (almost), several magazine subscriptions and eventually - frustratingly - not a single square centimetre of earth left unplanted. 

Since relocating to a tiny bungalow in the same neighbourhood, she has transformed her back yard into what she calls a 'working farm'. The successor to that back-breaking Saskatchewan vegetable garden is a beautiful and bountiful urban mini-farm, which has been featured in Canadian Gardening magazine. She's also become an active member of Toronto Master Gardeners, where she serves as Communications Coordinator and a frequent speaker. 

Wed. February 19, 2014 Meeting:

Topic: “Top Tips for Top Vegetables” with Connie Hunter

Must-have advice on growing these popular vegetables: Beans, cucumbers, leafy greens, onions, garlic, peas, peppers, potatoes, root vegetables, squash and tomatoes.

Connie is a member of the Toronto Master Gardeners, the Garden Club of Toronto and the Creemore Horticultural Society.   She is an accredited horticultural judge.  As a past co-chair of Canada Blooms, she continues her involvement with Canada Blooms as an exhibitor in the horticultural competitions.  Connie believes in growing her knowledge of gardening through courses, reading and especially by ‘doing’.  Her gardens in the country feature a wide range of plant material.  Her vegetable gardens thrive despite the wildlife challenges that exist.

The design theme for the Flower Show is "It's About Time".

Wed. January 16, 2014 Meeting: 

Annual General Meeting, Awards & Pot Luck Social.

Everyone is welcome, including non-members.

The Flower Show will not be held at this meeting.


2013 HOLIDAY SEASON Break    (No meeting in December)

Wed. November 20, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Dave Taylor presenting "Photographing Wild Birds

Dave Taylor is the Education Program Consultant/Director for The Riverwood Conservancy. He is the author of over 40 books on wildlife and a published nature photographer. Dave was a science/geography teacher for 30 plus years for the Peel Board of Education before retiring and pursuing his writing/photography career full time. He teaches Nature Photography at Humber College. Dave travels the world in pursuit of subjects and guides safaris to East Africa. 

Dave will share with us the photographic equipment and techniques he uses to photograph birds from gardens to the wild places of the world.

Wed. October 16, 2013 Meeting:

Topic: “All About Hydrangeas” with Edel Schmidt (club President)

Edel is the owner and operator of Edelweiss Landscaping providing professional plant maintenance and design consultation for homeowners and small commercial establishments; specializing in redesigning and rejuvenating neglected gardens. She started her present business in 2000 and completed a horticultural programme at Sheridan College. Her professional knowledge of plants and their environments, ‘hands-on’ experience and dedication to individual garden owners, has enabled Edel to build up a list of very satisfied clients. Edel is a member of the Etobicoke 'Master Gardeners' Group and is serving in her fourth year as president of Cloverleaf Garden Club of Mississauga.  Edel speaks and conducts workshops at horticultural events such as Canada Blooms, local libraries and garden clubs, on various subjects including pruning, maintenance, plant selection and container gardening. Edel also taught plant materials until 2012 at Sheridan College at the Continuing Education in Horticulture Studies.

Wed. September 18, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker Wolfe Bonham presents “The Evening Garden – Garden Design for after Dark”.

Having had 2 previous careers, one as a music producer, and more recently as a jewelry designer, Wolfe never envisioned he would be involved in the horticulture world. Forced to build gardens around his booths at several of the medieval festivals he sold his jewelry at, he soon discovered he had both a knack and a passion for gardening. In his spare time he began attending workshops and seminars at the RBG and TBG, as well as Mohawk College courses. He soon realized he was only a few credits shy of achieving his Honours Certificates in both Landscape Design and Horticulture. To further his plant knowledge, he worked for Fernridge Landscaping under renowned gardener Sean James, and then as a Nursery Manager for Terra Greenhouses. Following this he formed his own landscaping design/build company, Peace, Love, and Landscaping, based in Stoney Creek. Several of his installations have achieved both garden industry and community awards. He is also one of the very few certified Dry Stone Wallers in Canada, and is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Oakville Horticultural Society.


SUMMER BREAK – There are no meetings during July and August 2013 

Wed. June 19, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker Shari-Lyn Safir presents “The A to Z of growing gorgeous roses organically”.

Shari-Lyn was president of the Greater Toronto Rose Society for 4 years, president of the Canadian Rose Society for 3 years and was vice president of North America for the World Rose Federation this past year. A master gardener and rose judge she was an International judge at the World rose trials in California.  

Wed. May 15, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker Kenneth C Brown presents "Vertical Vegetables”.

Ken Brown is a horticultural consultant, writer and photographer. He received his bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the University of Guelph. Ken worked as the Superintendent of Horticulture at the Toronto Zoo when it was being planned and built, where he was responsible for the planning and planting of all the indoor gardens and the overseeing of the outdoor landscaping contractors. He owned and operated “The Plant Manager”, an interior landscaping company for 20 years where he built and maintained a wide variety of public and private interior gardens. He also has a horticulture teaching degree from the University of Toronto and has taught a variety of courses through programs such as Durham College’s continuing education program.

Ken is a certified horticultural judge and he is a frequent speaker at horticultural meetings and seminars. Ken’s writing and photography continue to be published in several magazines and

newspapers. His web page is a great source of advice and tips -

Wed. April 17, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Larry Parr presents "New and Exciting Plants for your Garden and How to Best Use Them”.

2012 was Larry Parr’s 40th year in the gardening business split between Weall and Cullen and the last 10 with Sheridan Nurseries.  Larry has been manager at 6 locations across the GTA and worked in all areas of a retail garden centre.  He has done quite a few speaking engagements on a variety of topics over the years and served as substitute host for Mark Cullen’s Garden Show for over two years. He and his wife have lived in Mississauga for 25 years and do what gardening they can with the challenge of a large dog and active son - neither of whom respect their efforts.

Wed. March 20, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Dan Cooper presents "Gardening from a Hammock”.

Dan Cooper is a Master Gardener and the co-author of Gardening from a Hammock, a book on low-maintenance gardening that features the gardens and advice of 17 well-known garden experts, landscapers and designers.

Dan is a landscape designer who specializes in shade gardens and organic gardening. He is the owner of Green Gardens and Tours, a company that provides garden design, advice and tours to exotic gardens.

An avid world traveller, Dan is a published travel writer and photographer who has visited, written about and photographed gardens in North and South America, Southeast Asia, Australasia, China and India.

Flower Show resumes as usual and the theme for the design classes is "It's About Time".

Wed. February 20, 2013 Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Christine Moore presents "Growing Lavender - An introduction to enjoying lavender in your garden”.

Christine has been passionate about plants since she was a little girl and an aunt gave her some daffodil bulbs to plant to keep her busy.  She is an advocate of lavender as a versatile garden plant with a size and color to suit any landscape.  Christine has a BSc in agriculture from the University of Guelph and is author of the first Canadian book on growing lavender.  She is currently the President of the Canadian Rose Society and gardens in Toronto.

The Flower Show is substituted for a Photography Show. The photos will be pre-judged, contain horticulture content and were taken in Ontario in the previous 24 month

Wed. January 16, 2013 Meeting: 

Annual General Meeting, Awards & Pot Luck Social.

Everyone is welcome, including non-members.

The Flower Show will not be held at this meeting.


2012 HOLIDAY SEASON Break – (no meeting in December)

Wed. November 21, 2012 Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Adele Bakhous presents "Winter Container Inserts”.

Adele Bakhous will demonstrate how to create a festive container insert to last throughout the winter season.

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