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About Us



Cloverleaf Garden Club of Mississauga has a distinguished history within our community and one that dominated the local horticultural since 1944. The first meeting was held at the Queen Elizabeth Public School, as the Cloverleaf Horticultural Society under the direction of its first President, J.H.L. Morgan Q.C.  The 1945 Yearbook indicates an initial membership of 100 members.  Today Cloverleaf is well known for its monthly flower shows, monthly guest speakers, annual plant sales, and annual garden tours.  


The club's floral emblem is the cloverleaf.


Board & Committees (click here)


Constitution (2016) (click here)

By-laws (2016) (click here)



201 members in 2016

202 members in 2015

223 members in 2014    

217 members in 2013

200 members in 2012

217 members in 2011

208 members in 2010


173 members in 2009

217 members in 2008

245 members in 2007

197 members in 2004

244 members in 2003

232 members in 2002

239 members in 2001


238 members in 1999

226 members in 1998


260 members in 1988


223 members in 1975

220 members in 1974


300 members in 1947

100 members in 1944



What is Cloverleaf?

Members, speakers, Flower Show keepers,

Premiums, prizes, lots of surprises,

Yearbook, newsletter couldn’t be better,’

A strawberry social, a Christmas treat,

Garden tours that are really neat.

Library, raffle and on and on.

Membership to which you belong.

A garden speaker we have at each meeting.

New members welcomed with smiles and a greeting.


Without our stalwart volunteers,

Cloverleaf would be in arrears.

So that’s what Cloverleaf is about,

And with your help, we’ll have more clout.

So step right up and that means you.

Check your interests and point of view.

We need more people with ideas

To help our Club in future years.

                                  By Christine Says 



Objectives of the Club:

  •       To spread the knowledge of horticulture by means of regular meetings, illustrated lectures, and free workshops.
  •       To hold exhibitions of flowers, vegetables and decorative arrangements at which all members are encouraged to participate.
  •       To encourage the beautification of home and public grounds.
  •       To stimulate the interest of our children in gardening and the environment through the Junior Programme


Last Updated: 2017-11-18