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Note from Paul Schneider:  April and May are the months of the year when our organization works hard to raise the funding to operate. In April we get together for a Pasta Dinner and Silent Auction. As usual the event was very well organized and came off without a hitch. Besides a delicious dinner we enjoyed our camaraderie and the fun of the auction. Thanks to the generosity of many people we had a prize table second to none. After a short presentation by gardeners presenting the things you don’t find out from a book we started the drawing of the tickets to see who would get the prizes. Everyone had fun watching how the table was gradually emptied and many of us went home with more than what we had come to the meeting with. We all owe Gisele Seguin and her crew a big thank you for taking care of the event for the sixth time. This is the kind of volunteering our society needs to be successful and step into the near future. Thank you Gisele!

Barely finished with the Pasta Dinner and the Silent Auction our next big event the Plant Market was at hand. With our dependence on the weather we wondered how this would come off. Just think: Two weeks before our planned date there was virtually nothing growing with the cold weather. As we are hardy and trusting people we got ready had our meetings and made our plans for May 10. A few days before the Plant Market we looked at our stock of goods and secretly scratched our heads. However we re-assured each other that everything was going to be alright. We divided, potted, watered and cared for those little babies and in the last week the weather turned warmer and our little plants woke up and stretched to the sun! Many volunteers helped with the work beginning with the organizing of the volunteers, the assigning of the jobs to do, many, many calls to people and vendors, and advertising the Plant Market. We depended on people with trucks and trailers (Thank you) and many of our members and friends to get this big event off the ground. This time around we had the help of the scouts and some enthusiastic high school students. It is very helpful when young people jump in and support us. Every one of our seasoned volunteers greatly appreciated the attention and dedication of these young people and their leaders. We owe many thanks to Michele and Ian vandenBerg, Marg Quick, Kathleen Schneider, Carol Engels, Suzette Cecile, Marg Dudley, Barb and Ray Drouillard, Bill Schmidt and many more that may have helped with the work on the plants or the worm castings or the organization of the Plant Market. The event came off very well and we were successful and our operating budget is in good shape.

To all volunteers on the day of the Plant Market or in the days leading up to it: Thank you! You are what makes our Hort Society so good. Without you we would not be here. Give yourselves a pat on the back!



Jennifer Costa, who spoke at our January meeting, works for

 Point Pelee National Park.

 They are restoring the savannah at the point.  She went to Inuvik for one

 year to fill in for someone on maternity leave, and will travel from

 the most southern park to the most 

 northern.  Follow her on her blog at


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 Jennifer Plaus, our previous District 11 Director, told us about this booklet.

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Our next meeting: 

May 21             James Graham   “A walk down the Garden Path”     PP talk & demo

We are honoured to host the Ontario Horticultural Society president, James Graham.  Come and see why a small boy from rural Ontario has become the leader of our organization.  Take “A Walk Down the Garden Path” and he will entertain you with various tips, including the 99¢ planter!




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