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Welcome to the

Belle River & District

Horticultural Society





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Our meeting venue has changed.  Meetings

will now be held on the third TUESDAY of the month, at the

Atlas Tube Recreational Centre, 447 Renaud Line, Emeryville.


Our next meeting will be May 19th.

What is killing Ontario's purple martins?  Since 2005, the number of purple martins in Ontario has dropped from about 25,000 to an estimated 15,000 today. How can we help stop this decline? John Balga, (Ontario Purple Martin Association) will illustrate some of the causes for this decline and give you tips to attract and manage this species in your backyard.




7th Annual Plant Market - NEW LOCATION - Optimist Park

Believe it or not the Plant Market is coming up very quickly on May 9. This year we have a new location at the Optimist Park parking lot. In preparation for the event we have two planting workshops scheduled for April 23 and 28 at 9:30 a.m. These workshops will take place at Michele vandenBerg's house, 172 West River Road, next to the baseball fields. 

Members who have plants to divide can get pots at the April 21 meeting. They can be dropped off at Michele's anytime and placed on her patio behind the house. Remember to identify the plant, colour and light requirements. This is very important as plants that are clearly labelled are much more desirable for our customers! 

I have the volunteer list and will be calling people for the workshops. You will also get a call to help at the Plant Market at a later date if you signed up for it. If you haven't had a chance to sign up the list will be available again at the April 21 meeting.

If you have any questions see me at the meeting. Let's hope for some warmth and sunshine now.

Happy Growing




Belle River & District Horticultural Society

2016 – ‘Bragging Post’ – Photo Categories  

General Meeting – Feb. 16, 2016                                

Pictures to be taken during 2015.                                  

  1. Flutters By - Butterflies                    
  2. Ramblin’ Rose – Roses                              
  3. In House – house plants shot indoors                  
  4. Oh, Them Bloomin’ Trees - trees in bloom         
  5. O Tannenbaum – decorated Christmas Tree

          (inside or out)






This year's planting will be at St. John the Baptist School, May 6th


Last year's planting day took

place at Belle River Public School

We had 3 groups of children

from the grade 3 classes.





 They all were so proud

 of their baskets, and even

 though it rained all day,

 we all had a great time.




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 Now may be a good time to think about what we'd like in our gardens this year.  Spring will be here before we know it and you may want to review this booklet before you plant.

To view  “Grow me Instead” just click the link below, or click the icon for their website



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As much as we’d like, we cannot always make all the meetings.

If you’ve taken photos that you’d like to share with us

Please email them to Gisèle at



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7th Annual Plant Market-May 9th - NEW LOCATION
by Kathleen Schneider











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