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Belle River & District Horticultural Society

2016 – ‘Bragging Post’ – Photo Categories  

General Meeting – Feb. 16, 2016                                

Pictures to be taken during 2015.                                  

  1. Flutters By - Butterflies                    
  2. Ramblin’ Rose – Roses                              
  3. In House – house plants shot indoors                  
  4. Oh, Them Bloomin’ Trees - trees in bloom         
  5. O Tannenbaum – decorated Christmas Tree

          (inside or out)









        This year's planting was at St. John the Baptist School, in Belle River


We worked with 2 groups of children from the grade 3 classes.

 They all were so proud of their baskets, and we all had a great time.



Our plant market this year was a tremendous success, thanks largely to the many members who donated

several hours of their time to ensure it.  We would also like to thank the vendors who attended and added

variety to our event.  Lynn Imeson has upcoming cement workshops. 

If you're interested, please click the link below:


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  Before you plant, you may want to avoid invasive species.

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As much as we’d like, we cannot always make all the meetings.

If you’ve taken photos that you’d like to share with us

Please email them to Gisèle at



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Christmas Party 2015
by Suzette Cecile




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